12 Toys I Refuse to Buy For My Kids

We are entering into a crazy busy gift buying phase in our house. Big P will be celebrating his birthday in a few weeks (hold me, he will be six!) and then after Christmas follows and then the girls have their birthday a few weeks after.

So we do a lot of gift/toy/stuff thinking around this time of year. I have yet to start both the birthday shopping and Christmas shopping (cause I am bad like that) but while I have a few things in mind for what I want to get them — there are some toys I know for sure they will not be receiving.

Click through for 12 toys that you will not find me buying for the kids:


  • Transformers 1 of 12
    Big P was Optimus Prime for Halloween but he has never seen the movie. He won't be playing with this toy either. Too much focus on the weapon play
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  • Easy Bake Oven 2 of 12
    Easy Bake Oven
    I wanted one of these so bad when I was a little girl -- then my mom and I started baking together. On the real oven and I learned how to cook real people food with my mom. Will be doing the same with my kids.
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  • Halo Action Figures 3 of 12
    Halo Action Figures
    So, you might have guessed I have a 'thing' for gun play toys. This one bugs me even more though because what kid is playing Halo?
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  • ‘Life Like’ Baby Dolls 4 of 12
    'Life Like' Baby Dolls
    You will not find me buying dolls for my kids for them to give them a bottle and artificially pee on the floor. We have enough of that going on over here.
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  • Drum Set 5 of 12
    Drum Set
    This one is purely selfish. Unless a soundproof room comes with it - no thank you!
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  • Bratz Dolls 6 of 12
    Bratz Dolls
    The make up. The large focus with side products on her appearance. Her inappropriate clothes. Passing!
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  • Glow Dome 7 of 12
    Glow Dome
    I am already having nightmares about this stuff all over my house.
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  • Moon Dough 8 of 12
    Moon Dough
    The dough itself is not that awful but the kits that encourage the colors to be mixed - then end up all over the floor. EEK.
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  • Giant Dragon 9 of 12
    Giant Dragon
    I admit - I *think* about getting this one only because it could be funny for a moment. Really though - this toy would scare the pants off my kids. Causing nightmares for them and no sleep for me.
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  • Lalaloopsy Littles Doll 10 of 12
    Lalaloopsy Littles Doll
    This toy is just creepy. Like if your scary neighbor found toys and stitched them together.
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  • Bead Bucket Activity Kit 11 of 12
    Bead Bucket Activity Kit
    This would be all over my floor in less then 3 seconds. I would be finding pieces months later.
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  • Kid Broom and Dust Pan 12 of 12
    Kid Broom and Dust Pan
    My kids would think they are in trouble and that I hate them.
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