12 Treats To Trick Out Your Halloween Party

12 halloween party tricksHalloween is on a Wednesday this year. That means if you’re really in to the season you could have two full weekends (before and after) with parties for the kids.

Here’s a list of 12 ideas to really make the most of your Halloween spooktacle.

  • BenQ Joybee GP2 Mini-Projector 1 of 12
    BenQ Joybee GP2 Mini-Projector
    This ultra portable mini projector is designed for on-the-go audiovisual entertainment. You can plug your iPhone or iPod into the iPhone/iPod-compatible dock to share videos, photos, graphics and games with family and friends wherever you go. Halloween party means load it up with all sorts of haunting visuals to project around the room. The GP2 also supports other smartphones, tablets and media players.

    Image Credit Benq
  • Bubble Fogger Machine 2 of 12
    Bubble Fogger Machine
    More than just a fog machine, or bubble machine, this device unloads bubbles filled with fog. When the bubbles pop the fog is released into the room to linger for a spooky sense.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • Haunted Toilet Paper Roller 3 of 12
    Haunted Toilet Paper Roller
    Change out your regular roll for this spooky motion-activated monster. A simple visit to the loo becomes a haunted one with screams, howls, and moans - coming from the roller.

    Image Credit The Design Town
  • Pumpkin Light 4 of 12
    Pumpkin Light
    Better than candles, these battery operated colored lights will add extra jack to your lantern.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • Zombie Flamingo 5 of 12
    Zombie Flamingo
    This is perhaps my favorite item to decorate for the season. A twist on the ever-present pinks, these zombie flamingos will add fun to any lawn.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • Purple and Orange String Lights 6 of 12
    Purple and Orange String Lights
    We string Christmas lights on the eaves for the winter, why not haunting ones for halloween? These purple and orange string lights would look great outside the door, or inside on a curtain rod.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • In My Veins Drink Fountain 7 of 12
    In My Veins Drink Fountain
    Now this is a way to serve a haunting blood-red fruit punch.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • Glow In The Dark Paint 8 of 12
    Glow In The Dark Paint
    You can create amazing effects and drama with this Glow in the Dark Spray Paint. I'd be dumping a few cans of this on assorted pumpkins to leave around the room.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • Black Lights 9 of 12
    Black Lights
    To get the glow in the dark effect, you'll need some black lights. You can get a string of lights to run around the room, or you can replace lightbulbs to get the glowing effect going.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • Black Orange Lava Lamps 10 of 12
    Black Orange Lava Lamps
    Add the perfect amount of haunting retro with these orange and black lava lamps.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • Pumpkin Hanger 11 of 12
    Pumpkin Hanger
    Party or not, this would be a great way to have your pumpkin on display for the trick or treaters. This hook will let it hang.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween
  • Costume Trophies 12 of 12
    Costume Trophies
    At the end of the night, reward your guests who made the most effort with these Halloween costume specific trophies.

    Image Credit Spirit Halloween

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