12 Ways College Prepared Us for Motherhood

shutterstock_69049900 2You think college: good times, stupid decisions, maybe a little learning. And then you think, “Hey, that kinda sounds like parenting!” Damn straight it does.

College is more than just beer bongs, cramming for finals and hazing; it’s like boot camp for parenting!

Check out how college prepared us for the magical and maniacal world of motherhood:

  • Good Old Parental Concern 1 of 12
    Good Old Parental Concern
    Remember how the life choices you made in college made your parents' heads explode? From your belly piercing to your spring break tattoo to your infamous cameo on "Girls Gone Wild", you had your parents begging you for mercy. While things have calmed down in the party department, today the way you discipline (or don't discipline) your children has your parents concerned.
  • Arguing Roommates 2 of 12
    Arguing Roommates
    Instead of mediating your roommates' arguments over ramen noodles, you now ref arguments over who touched who first.
  • Group Projects 3 of 12
    Group Projects
    In college, group projects meant someone wasn't going to pull their weight, leaving you to pick up the slack. Whataya know, you're still picking up the slack (and the Legos and the Barbie shoes).
  • High Drama 4 of 12
    High Drama
    College drama may have involved things like who slept with whose boyfriend, but in the land of parenthood, high drama involves pretty much everything else. And poop.
  • Being Broke-Ass Broke 5 of 12
    Being Broke-Ass Broke
    Once a starving college student, now a broke-ass mama. Kids are expensive, yo.
  • Suffering from a Hangover 6 of 12
    Suffering from a Hangover
    Instead of a hangover from a good time you wish you could remember, you now suffer a hangover from a rough night you wish you could forget.
  • Mad Vomit Skills 7 of 12
    Mad Vomit Skills
    You once played the part of the dutiful friend, holding your girlfriend's hair back while she puked out ridiculous amounts of Goldschläger. While party vomit may be a thing of the past, as a mom your ninja-like reflexes are no match for a little vomit.
  • Dealing with Distraction 8 of 12
    Dealing with Distraction
    You once somehow managed to study while your roommates blasted music and partied all night long. As a parent you somehow manage to maintain a house while cooking, soothing, wiping, feeding and threatening. Multitask on mamas!
  • Changing Your Major 9 of 12
    Changing Your Major
    You doubted your college major and then changed it at least three times. You've also majorly doubted parenthood more times than you care to admit.
  • Behold the Messy 10 of 12
    Behold the Messy
    You never would have guessed that slob roommate would have prepared you for the messiness of motherhood.
  • Your Caffeine Addiction 11 of 12
    Your Caffeine Addiction
    You caffeinated yourself through higher education and now that venti triple shot extra hot mocha cap is the only thing keeping you humming (and keeping that headache at bay).
  • The Freshman 15 12 of 12
    The Freshman 15
    The 15 pounds you gained freshman year could only prepare you for the 15+ pounds left over from pregnancy.

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