1,200 Miles with Three Children: Relocating Our Family to Florida

day1Ever have one of those parenting moments when you think what have I gotten myself into?

Yeah, well I had one of those in the month of April. As most of you may have noticed I went off the grid for the most part. Well, our family decided it would be an awesome idea to relocate our lives to Florida.

Don’t get me wrong, so far Florida is pretty damn awesome. But the process of getting from Connecticut to Florida with three children, a puppy, and my father was certainly an adventure.

Especially considering we tried to do it in one overnight trip without stopping, in the middle of a nightmarish rainstorm.

Doesn’t it sound like something you would want to do? Ha!

Yeah, me either!

  • The Big Truck 1 of 16

    We packed everything we owned into this rental truck which turned into a huge fiasco. Seriously, what kind of company rents out a truck that isn't registered? Only my luck!

  • Doggie Diapers 2 of 16

    Doggie diapers SOUND like a good idea right?  Until you are over the state line into New York and the dog has shredded it all over the back seat. Needless to say, the doggie diapers didn't really help the way I wanted them to for the trip.

  • Let It Rain! 3 of 16

    And then it rained. And rained some more. Then rained heavier, and harder. From New Jersey to Virginia when we decided to pull over and sleep for a little bit... it rained like we were in the middle of a hurricane. Talk about making a trip longer than it needs to be!

  • Sleepy Addie 4 of 16

    This little one slept 85% of the drive. Although the other 15% of the drive was kind of hellish, but overall she was amazing.

  • Good Girl 5 of 16

    Bella was the most well behaved living creature in the car for the drive. Seriously.

  • We Landed 6 of 16

    Sometime Saturday afternoon, we finally landed in Florida. It was the longest drive of my life and I seriously don't wish to do it EVER again. I can't even tell you how happy I was to see that sign.

  • Home Sweet Home 7 of 16

    Then we arrived!  This was minutes after getting to our new home, the kids were running wild and Grandpa was trying to chase them around. Clearly my oldest had no interest in having his picture taken.

  • Relaxin’ with Grandpa 8 of 16

    Before we had the dining room set up, we had a couple folding chairs for the kids, and one for the adults.  I snapped this picture of my father (Grandpa Mo Mo) and the kids and just absolutely love it.

  • Public Enemy #1 9 of 16

    Lizards. They are everywhere. They may be small, but I don't do lizards. At all.
    They get into the house, which was probably pretty humorous to everyone around me when I JUMPED onto my kitchen table because one was scurrying across the dining room floor. I am getting used to them, but they need to stay the hell outside!

  • The Speedway! 10 of 16

    Once we were a little settled in at the house, we started to explore a little bit. I was like a kid in a candy shop when we drove by the Daytona Speedway. Seriously. Plus, who doesn't love palm trees. I had never seen one in person until I moved to Florida.

  • Target Culture Shock 11 of 16

    I had to get a couple odds and ends from Target my first day in town. So, my sister-in-law brought me. It turns out it is not only just a Target, but a Super Target which also sells alcohol. Talk about a culture shock! In the following days, I also learned that virtually everyplace sleeps beer and wine. Walgreens, Target, Walmart, the grocery stores, everywhere!

  • Beach Love 12 of 16

    Before we moved, I found this great canvas print, and had to get it.  I think it fits perfectly into our kitchen.

  • Sleepy Neighborhood 13 of 16

    I am totally in love with our sleepy little neighborhood. The kids can go outside and ride their bikes, or toys without having to worry about traffic or anything. It truly is a huge change for us from our busy main road home back in Connecticut.

  • Cheerwine 14 of 16

    Another amazing discovery I made here... Cheerwine. If you love any type of cherry flavored soda, you will love this.

  • Nap Time? 15 of 16

    I have taken up the new hobby of sitting out in the sun when the kids are napping. Sometimes the peace and quiet... even if it is just for 15 minutes is amazing.

  • Hockey Time 16 of 16

    My 16 year old nephew is a pretty awesome hockey player, who plays on three different leagues down here in Florida. So we traveled with them about 45 minutes to watch him play. The kids loved it. I have a feeling the boys are going to want to play hockey themselves.  If was fun, my first time enjoying a game!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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