13 Apps Moms Really Wish Existed

Is it really so unreasonable with all the billions of apps out there to want need a few more?

Hey, I track my Weight Watchers points, deposit checks, play games, and listen to music all via apps on my smart devices, so why shouldn’t I hope beg for the next launch of kickass apps to include these 15 on my mommy wish list?

  • Take-out text notifier 1 of 13
    Take-out text notifier
    This revolutionary app will recognize the kind of mommy day you've had and text your partner to pick up dinner on the way home. Because really, you know you ain't cooking.

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  • Hologram referee 2 of 13
    Hologram referee
    If you have more than one child, you constantly find yourself having to referee fights over the lamest things. This hologram referee makes the judgment calls and keeps score of who's winning.

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  • Whine zapper 3 of 13
    Whine zapper
    Kids whine, so why not make an app that somehow zaps the whine wind right out of them? Don't worry kids, this won't hurt a bit.

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  • Stain scanner 4 of 13
    Stain scanner
    I can't tell you how many times I've had to reference this stupid stain matrix I've got saved in my favorites (mental note: Pinterest that bad boy). This groovy app scans laundry stains and recommends the appropriate course of stain-fighting action.

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  • UV flash hand sanitizer 5 of 13
    UV flash hand sanitizer
    I gave up carrying around travel sized bottles of hand sanitizer the second I ditched the diaper bag. Can't my phone just flash a really bright light on my kids' hands and disinfect them already? I mean, geez.

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  • Lost toy locator 6 of 13
    Lost toy locator
    Kid, I didn't play with that Beyblade last. How the heck should I know where you left it? This GPS tracking app can locate even the smallest missing Lego piece via satellite; talk about a timesaver.

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  • Kid mute button 7 of 13
    Kid mute button
    Since your kid didn't come with a mute button, this is the next best thing. Via voice recognition, this app alters the frequency and pitch of your child's voice so it cannot be heard by adult ears.

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  • Mommy time-out alarm 8 of 13
    Mommy time-out alarm
    Mom tantrums are recorded and rated based on a universal freak-out scale. Once you've exceeded the recommended freak-out limit, an alarm goes off reminding you to take a breather.

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  • This is what you were gonna do app 9 of 13
    This is what you were gonna do app
    Moms are notorious for walking into a room and forgetting why they're there. This app uses brain scan technology (developed in Europe) to remind you of your mommy mission.

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  • Child brainwasher 10 of 13
    Child brainwasher
    Ever wish your kid loved fruits and veggies as much as they love junk food? Me too. This app uses electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than that of visible light (or infrared) to trick your child's brain transmitters into thinking healthy foods taste better than processed foods.

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  • Band-aid dispenser 11 of 13
    Band-aid dispenser
    OK, I don't know how this one will work but my kids freaking always need band-aids and I freaking never have them.

    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Lie detector 12 of 13
    Lie detector
    A derivative of the heart rate app monitor, this app uses your child's pulse to determine whether or not they're telling the truth.

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  • Mom pep talker 13 of 13
    Mom pep talker
    We all have those days we're convinced that we're ruining our kids. This app tells us just what we need to hear, when we need to hear it.

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Since I’m not an app developing genius woman, I’ll just hope this blog post finds its way to those Simi Valley smarty pants. Oh, and I expect a cut of the profits.

What apps are on your mommy wish list?

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