13 Natural and Healthy Family Goals for the New Year

healthy living goals for 2013Happy New Year! I love the new year and the excitement it brings for what the upcoming year will hold for me personally and for our family. I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, but I do love making and setting goals for the upcoming year. Since my family is on a journey toward green, natural and healthy living, usually at least a few of my goals include ways that my family can move further along on our journey over the course of the year.

If you are interested in going green with your family and implementing some natural and healthy lifestyle changes I’d encourage you to set some natural living goals for your family this year. To help you get started I’ve asked some of my favorite green living bloggers to share one of their family’s natural and healthy goals for the new year.

Here are 13 Natural and Healthy Family Goals for the New Year:

  • Family Nature Hikes 1 of 13
    Family Nature Hikes
    I want to take my kids on a nature hike at least once a month.
    Stacy at A Delightful Home
  • Gardening and Preserving 2 of 13
    Gardening and Preserving
    I want to grow more of our own food and preserve as much as I can for our family to use throughout the year.
    Jaime at Slightly Steady
  • Walking More 3 of 13
    Walking More
    We want to ditch the car as often as possible in favor of walking. We want to walk to the nearby grocery store instead of opting for the convenience of the car.
    Andrea at The Greenbacks Gal
  • More Vegetarian Meals 4 of 13
    More Vegetarian Meals
    I want to serve our family more meatless but protein rich meals, to be able to afford more high-quality animal protein.
    Sara at Your Thriving Family
  • Conscientious Consuming, Reducing, and Reusing 5 of 13
    Conscientious Consuming, Reducing, and Reusing
    We want to be more conscientious about our family's purchases, limiting purchases and reusing or repurposing as much as possible whether it's food, clothing, or other items we might be tempted to throw away.
    Hillary at Accidentally Green
  • From Scratch, Unprocessed Food 6 of 13
    From Scratch, Unprocessed Food
    We want to cook more from-scratch and unprocessed foods for our families.
    Christy at The Simple Homemaker and Mary at The Encouraging Home
  • Switch from Paper Products to Cloth 7 of 13
    Switch from Paper Products to Cloth
    Another great goal is to stop using paper products around your house and use cloth instead.
    Get started with switching to cloth around your home.
  • Add Probiotics to Family’s Diet 8 of 13
    Add Probiotics to Family's Diet
    We want to add more probiotic foods to our family's diet, and experiment with a new probiotic food each month.
    Erin at The Humbled Homemaker and Anne at Authentic Simplicity
  • Shop Local, Eco-Friendly, and Fair-Trade 9 of 13
    Shop Local, Eco-Friendly, and Fair-Trade
    Make a goal this year to vote with your dollars by spending your money locally, as well as on eco-friendly and fair trade goods as often as possible. Every purchase makes a difference and tells companies that we want more of those kinds of products.
    Becoming a Conscious Consumer
  • Move Off-Grid 10 of 13
    Move Off-Grid
    We would love to buy a new house and go off grid this year!
    Kelley at With Eager Hands
  • Think Outside the Cereal Box 11 of 13
    Think Outside the Cereal Box
    This year I am going to think outside of the cereal box. Boxed cereal is easy, but it isn't the healthiest choice. I want to experiment with making freezer friendly breakfast dishes like baked oatmeal, granola bars, and breakfast burritos.
    Rebekah at Simply Rebekah
  • Removing Toxins 12 of 13
    Removing Toxins
    I want to continue reducing my family's exposure to toxins and dangerous chemicals inside our home by greening our personal care and cleaning products.
    Beth at Red and Honey
  • Detox Diet 13 of 13
    Detox Diet
    Our family is doing the GAPS diet as a detox diet and way to kick start our healthy eating for the new year.
    Trina at

Have you made any Healthy Living Goals for your family for the New Year?

Emily writes about green and natural living at Live Renewed.
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