13 Things I’ll Miss About Not Having a Daughter

Now that I’ve pretty much decided the baby shop is closed, the reality of Boys 2 Girls 0 as the final score is setting in. You know how much I adore mothering boys but there’s still that little part of me that’s saddened that I’ll never have the opportunity to experience the high highs of parenting a daughter.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons I’ll miss not having a daughter, fully realizing many of the reasons listed below are highly superficial. In my little fantasy I choose to believe mothering a daughter is a never-ending magical day of sugar and spice and everything nice (and habitual tiara wearing). Hey, a mom of boys can dream.  

  • Shopping 1 of 13
    Some of the best memories I have with my mom involved shopping (and fighting) at Wet Seal.
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  • Playing tea party 2 of 13
    Playing tea party
    When was the last time you went to a real live tea party? Exactly. I could really use some imaginary tea and crumpets about now.
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  • Doing her hair 3 of 13
    Doing her hair
    Oh, the fights my mom and I used to have over my hair in the mornings. The bows, the tantrums, the tangles - all part of the mother/daughter rite of passage.
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  • Having a princess 4 of 13
    Having a princess
    I may never meet a princess in real life but it would be nice to have one of my very own for a little while.
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  • Drinking coffee and talking 5 of 13
    Drinking coffee and talking
    These International Coffee moments are just picture perfect. I imagine this mother is informing her daughter in the nicest possible way that the childhood memory she recounted in her blog last week didn't go down like that. Either that or they're gossiping about crazy Aunt Vera.
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  • Being her hero 6 of 13
    Being her hero
    I'll miss the opportunity to be the woman my daughter would hopefully strive to become.
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  • Being the mother of the bride 7 of 13
    Being the mother of the bride
    Shopping for her wedding dress, planning her wedding shower...sigh.
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  • Painting her piggies 8 of 13
    Painting her piggies
    This right here is a moment - a moment my boys have no interest in whatsoever.
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  • Being in the delivery room 9 of 13
    Being in the delivery room
    While there's no guarantee my daughter would want me in the delivery room, my chances are a whole lot better with her than my daughter-in-law.
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  • Wearing matching outfits 10 of 13
    Wearing matching outfits
    I'm kidding! ...or am I?
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  • Mother/daughter fights 11 of 13
    Mother/daughter fights
    Fighting about everything from attitude to dating to inappropriate clothing to being too much alike to being nothing alike.
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  • Watching my husband walk her down the aisle 12 of 13
    Watching my husband walk her down the aisle
    OMG, I'm getting teary even imagining it! Hello PMS.
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  • Wrapping her daddy around her finger 13 of 13
    Wrapping her daddy around her finger
    Daddy/Daughter love is the sweetest stuff. There go those tears again!
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Have a daughter? Please tell me you’re wearing a tiara right now!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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