13 Things We Did And Learned Reliving Our Child-Free Life For 2 Weeks

The Child-Free Life for my wife and I lasted a year. We got pregnant soon after we started dating, and so our life together has been mostly with our boys.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but for the past 2 weeks we did something we haven’t done in years we experienced the Child-Free Life. You know the one, so gloriously detailed on the cover of Time Magazine. The sort of life where married couples choose lavish vacations and immaculate condos over back-to-school shopping, braces, and suburban cookie cutters.

There are those who preach this Child-Free Life as the be all and end all of their existence. I admit, I get a little jealous, especially when buying plane tickets, paying for dinner, buying movie tickets, back-to-school shopping, or anything else that has to do with the cost of raising kids.

So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and convinced my wife, my boys, and my parents to give us some time alone.

We packed the boys up and tossed them on a plane for 2 weeks with their grandparents to say goodbye to summer in style. For a week, my wife and I would be ‘home alone,’ for the second week we would spend a few days with our boys at their grandparent’s before jetting off to Vegas for another sojourn. All in all, it would be 10 of 14 days reliving the Child-Free Life.

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    Reliving The Child Free Life

    What did we learn? What did we do? Was it worth it? Click through and find out.

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  • We Had Brunch 2 of 14

    You can have your romantic, candle lit dinner I'll take brunch. When it comes to quality time with a spouse, nothing beats a sunny Sunday morning at a diner filled with coffee, eggs, and pancakes. Everyone is excited for the day or reliving last night's excesses. Brunch is a relaxing, romantic meal, and sure, you can do it out with the kids (on our morning out there were kids there), but I love it one on one.

  • We Slept Naked 3 of 14

    I am a naked sleeper. TMI, sorry, but it's true. With kids, I am not a naked sleeper. One never knows when one will be joined for the threesome that isn't a threesome when restless pre-schoolers are around. So, during Child-Free Week, I slept naked. It was wonderful.

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  • We Kept Up With The Kardashians 4 of 14

    After dinner TV time was no longer dominated by the kids and their "shows," we got to watch what we wanted. Check that! My wife got to watch what she wanted while I puttered on the internet. No more Jake and the Pirates, hello Kim and Khloe! In the mornings, the news was on and The Today Show was on. It was wonderful.

  • We Bought Less Milk 5 of 14

    In fact, we didn't buy milk at all. For an entire week. Usually it's Wednesday or Thursday that I'll get a text from my wife reminding me to get milk on the way home. This week? Nothing. We didn't even use what we already had in the fridge. It wasn't just milk, it was all groceries. No midweek top-ups were needed.

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  • We Played Golf 6 of 14

    My wife took golf lessons shortly before we met and it was something we loved to do. The last time we golfed was a few months after she found out she was pregnant. Childcare isn't always easy to wrangle so parents can get out to golf. So, during Child-Free Week, we did it for the first time in 7 years.

  • We Had Dinner When We Wanted 7 of 14

    Usually dinner is 5 PM sharp at our house. During Child-Free Week we ate at 5, 6:30, 9:30, whenever. It was just the two of us and we were easily able to juggle our personal schedules with private time and make it work without worrying about cranky kids and their tummy.

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  • We Had Pedicures 8 of 14

    Just as it is tough to get a sitter for a round of golf, it's tough to get one for a pedicure. I confess, I love them. I'm a runner and my feet get calloused and nasty too. I love sitting in a big chair with my feet soaking and having an adult conversation with my wife over trashy magazines. No kids this week, so we indulged.

  • We Had Dinner Conversation 9 of 14

    I don't know about you, but that smiling family with the kids eating what's on their plate is not what happens in our house. Dinner is a ridiculously stressful time most nights. The kids don't eat, they interrupt, and it's not as wonderful as it should be. The case for not eating as a family? Experience the Child-Free Life for a week and you'll relish the chance to have a chat.

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  • We Got Our Groove Back 10 of 14

    And, really, that's all you need to know about that 😉

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  • We Got Drunk 11 of 14

    With no kids to look after, it's okay if you both dip deep into the beer tub. Usually, we always have one sober, but in Vegas we let loose a little more than usual.

  • We Had Quiet 12 of 14

    You don't know how loud your appliances are until you don't run them every day. We do laundry every other day. The dishwasher is on every night. There is always a hum in the air, it seems. Child-Free? None of that. Just 2 hours of peace and quiet after dinner every night that led to...

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  • We Got Bored 13 of 14

    Chaos can become routine. A routine that's hard to break out of. As parents, we are constantly juggling the chaos and it becomes our "normal." My wife and I, despite all the awesomeness of golf, pedicures, brunches, and intimacy, still looked at each other on numerous occasions and said, "I'm bored."

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  • We Rediscovered Us 14 of 14

    In the end, it's about "us." As I sat poolside in Las Vegas, cracking my 3rd can of beer of the midday, it struck me. This is my life. Yes, my kids are the engine that makes it go, and they are the focus of all my wife and I do, but when they leave, this is what I have. This person beside me is who I have. In the end, it's about us. And that needs to be nurtured. Child-Free time is just fine.

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