14 Creative Chore Charts for Kids

14 Creative Chore Charts for KidsRaise your hand if you start every day repeating the same things over and over as your children stare glassy eyed at you or yelling, “WHAT?” from the other room, instead of:

  • making their beds
  • putting their dishes in the sink
  • feeding the dog
  • cleaning up their toys
  • getting dressed

::raises hand::

I have to revert back to, “When I was a nanny, what would I do?” mode for these times. In this instance, I’d have put up a chore chart. Age appropriate, simple, and easy on both of us to keep up with, it reminds her in pictures (and words) what she needs to do and when, and it allows me to track what’s been done so I can plan the rest of the hour.

I’ve compiled a list of kids chore charts – printables, ones to buy, and DIY.

  • DIY Chore Jar 1 of 14

    Basically this women is a genius. She has printables that break down each room and job simply for your children. The final result is adorable and sturdy "chore sticks" that will guarantee your children will actually clean what they were supposed to. Not just take an old sock and wipe down half a table. 

    Find out how on WhateverDeeDeeWants.com

  • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart 2 of 14

    Melissa & Doug have some of the coolest products around, and this one is just as awesome - even when it has to do with work. What child wouldn't love to put another happy face up on the magnetic board? Comes with hinges for wall hanging (so yet another finger painting can go on your fridge) and 2 blank magnets for your own jobs. 

    $19.72 at Amazon.com

  • DIY Chore Ring 3 of 14

    These couldn't be any cuter. I love how she included her (differently aged!) kids in helping to paint these. 

    Find out how on MeaningfulMama.com 

  • Chore Chart for Children – Color Your Own 4 of 14

    This is a chart perfect for those younger ones that are constantly saying, "DO IT SELF." Well, heck, then let them. Have them color it themselves and do the chores in both pictures and words. It lasts a week (laminate it for longer) and then the fun starts all over again. 

    Free at KidPointz.com 

  • Roll-A-Chore 5 of 14

    Need to get the house cleaned up? Do you want to get your group working together? Prefer to avoid the mess of assigning chores? The Patented roll-a-chore game makes it Easy Breezy! Simply jot down tasks to be done on the chore line, player will roll the dice (or swipe the spinner) to reveal a number, find that number on the game board--congratulations--chore assigned! 

    $20 at OpenSky.com

  • Chore Chart for Children – Bees 6 of 14

    This adorable printable is perfect for the younger set. KidPointz suggests printing out the bees/flowers on cardstock and gluing them on each day. Lamination and small, sticky velcro would also work while allowing the chart to be used repeatedly. I love that this is picture-based, so even the tiniest helpers know what they can chip in to do. 

    Free at KidPointz.com

  • Mailbox Job Card System 7 of 14

    Isn't this cute? Ask your kids to get the mail and find out what jobs they need to do today. Each comes with an amount to write in if you do an allowance. Print, write, and laminate! Available in different designs on her Etsy site (link in her post). 

    Find out how on MyComputerisMyCanvas.com

  • Magnetic Dry Erase Rewards Chore Chart 8 of 14

     How simple and bright is this chart? I love that they allow your own space to write in chores, and that each week it can be erased and started again. It would be great for older children to keep track and lay out their week in advance. Magnets and dry erase make it a long-term, durable chart. 

    $5.48 at Toys R Us


  • Chore Chart for Multiple Kids 9 of 14

    Although these are time consuming, the finished product is so gorgeous that it would be worth it. This chore chart is perfect for multiple kids and all ages - make the chores as simple or detailed as you want. 

    Find out how on HowDoesShe.com

  • My Job Chart 10 of 14

    Have an internet savvy kid? Set them up with an account on My Job Chart, where it keeps track of the things they accomplish, reminders from you to them, and the allowance earned. Some of the coolest features are the daytime/nighttime chore dividing and points for each job done.

    Free with membership at MyJobChart.com

  • Magnetic Reward Chart for Up to 3 Children 11 of 14

    Designed for up to 3 kids, this handy dry erase board comes with matching magnetic stars for completion of each responsibility. With an easy-to-hang loop, it can go just about anywhere. 

    $19.89 on Amazon.com

  • Kenson Kids – "I Can Do It" Reward and Responsibility Chart 12 of 14

    We have the smaller, one week version of this chart and I love it. Velcro on the board and stars make for easy placement. The bottom has room for a goal of stars to have up at the end of the week (a great alternative to having that next to impossible "all the stars" goal), with a box for the reward. The job tiles vary and include blank ones for customizing. 

    $19.95 on Amazon.com

  • Bright Products Chores 13 of 14

    In a few easy steps, kids will have fun and learn consistency with this innovative system. Simply set up the chore board (chores are color-coded for the time of day), complete the chore, and place in the "I did it" box. Establish your own rewards, select from pre-printed chore stickers or create your own, and the cards are reusable again the next day.

    $9.98 on Amazon.com

  • Kids Choice Chore System 14 of 14

    For less than $10, this creative mama put together a fun chore system that is actually very easy to make. Magnetic and quick.

    Find out how on APrettyLife.com 


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