14 Important Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids

14 Important Safety Lessons to Teach Your KidsWhen it comes to my kids, one of the biggest fears I have is some sort of harm coming to them. It’s a parents worst nightmare and with all the scary news we’re hearing lately — there’s no time like now to make sure your kids know the basic safety precautions.

There really is no wrong time to start teaching kids about online safety, dangers around the house and how to deal with any situations that arise with strangers. The earlier you start the conversations, the better. And it needs to be an ongoing conversation.

I have a few rules and guidelines for safety in our house and some are every day things and others are for those scary times I hope never happens. We talk often (but not too much so they get scared) about trusting your instincts, how and when to call 9-1-1 and 12 other important lessons on safety I hope they grasp and remember, yet never need.

Click through to read 14 important safety lessons you should make sure your kids know:

  • Look Both Ways 1 of 14
    Road safety starts early in our house since we walk to and from the school bus. Teaching your kids the rule of the road, looking both ways and to check your (walking) blind-spot is important for their safety.
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  • Don’t Give Personal Info Out Online 2 of 14
    Kids start young with computers and online safety lessons are a must. Talking to your kids about what information they should never share -- like their school, their address and phone number can help keep them safe online.
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  • Don’t Play with Matches, Knives or Guns 3 of 14
    Kids will find everything in the house and they need to know and respect what items are dangerous like matches and knives.
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  • Stop, Drop and Roll 4 of 14
    I hope to all that no child has to use the stop, drop and roll rule, but it's important and can save a life if there is fire on the body.
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  • Walk in Pairs 5 of 14
    My kids are still young so they don't walk home from school by themselves -- I pick them up -- but we've already begin the conversation about how they are to always walk home together and to not take any shortcuts.
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  • There are No Secrets 6 of 14
    One of the biggest rules in our house for their safety is even if someone says they need to keep something a secret, there are to be no secrets to mommy. No matter what.
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  • Learn How and When to Use 9-1-1 7 of 14
    It's not only important for our kids to know how to call 9-1-1, but also when it's important to do so. Talking about possible situations you should call and times you shouldn't could really make a difference.
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  • Never Run Near the Pool 8 of 14
    Sounds silly maybe, but water safety is important with kids. Running around water poses many safety concerns. Taking kids to swim lessons and learning basic water safety rules is important.
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  • Trust Your Instincts 9 of 14
    I am trying hard to get my kids to always listen to that little voice, that instinct that tells them something is wrong and to always trust it. That way if they're talking to someone who gives them the creeps, or they ask them to do something that makes them feel weird -- they will know to listen to their voice.
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  • Know Your Phone Number and Address 10 of 14
    Teaching your kids their phone number and address can come in handy if they ever need help or if they're lost. Simple, but important.
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  • Protect From the Sun 11 of 14
    This one may not be as important as other lessons, but this one can be an everyday safety issue. Teaching your kids early about how to protect their skin from the sun, what to watch for in terms of heat stroke and dehydration are lessons they can use forever.
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  • Your The Boss of Your Body 12 of 14
    They are in charge of their own body and no one is to touch it. Teaching kids early on about private parts, appropriate touching and that instinct again is a real safety lesson they should know.
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  • Yell and Tell 13 of 14
    The yell and tell rule teaches kids to yell if someone they don't know is telling them to do something like get in the car or offering them a gift. Teach the kids to yell something like, "I don't know you. get away from me" loudly is better than screaming. Telling a parent, teacher or police officer what happened is important too.
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  • Smoke Means Danger 14 of 14
    Fire safety is something kids should know early on too. Not only the signs that there may be a fire (smoke and smell), but they should also be comfortable with the fire escape routes. There's a reason they go over that at schools.
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