14 Memories Of My Kids That I’ll Remember Forever

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while I believe moms should be celebrated everyday, I do enjoy this day that’s all about me. I am a big fan of the “all about me” days — my birthday is always turned into a birthday week and celebrations go on and on. I have so many great memories from my birthday and Mother’s Day is fast becoming one of my favorite days.

I have been all sentimental gooey over the past few weeks and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, most of my gooey focus has been on being a mom. It’s one of the best things in the world and each day I am so thankful that I am able to be such a huge part of these amazing children’s lives. They give me so much, as I hope I do for them too, and when it comes to memories, my kids have given me enough already for a lifetime. Some of my favorite memories are from when they were very little and I know as we continue to grow together, so many more memories will be made.

Here are my top 14 memories that they’ve burned into my brain forever:

  • 14 Memories I’ll Have Forever 1 of 15

    And there are so many more to come ... 

  • The Moment They Were All Born 2 of 15

    I fought hard to bring these kids into the world and that moment that each of them entered, safely and with great health -- I will never forget. 

  • The First Time They Really Looked at Me 3 of 15

    You can tell when that moment hits where you kid really sees you. They're still a baby and they scan the room looking for you, you lock eyes and your heart melts. 

  • Their First Word 4 of 15

    I hoped their first word was mama and sure enough, it was. I won't ever forget that moment each of them said that sweet word for the first time. 

  • Their First Nightmare 5 of 15

    It's not good when your babe is scared and wake up screaming, but that isn't something I will forget. They then crawled into bed with me and getting to comfort them was pretty sweet. 

  • How Their Eyes Light Up For Christmas 6 of 15

    That first Christmas they all really got what was going on was so fun. We surprised them with the tree on Christmas morning and watching their eyes light up in amazement was so awesome. 

  • They Way They Hug Me 7 of 15

    Kid hugs are like the best thing in the world and they way they hug me and never want to let go is just an amazing feeling. 

  • Every Time They Say “I Love You” 8 of 15

    I know it sounds so sappy to say, but it really does just melt my heart. I love when they say it out of no where and you can tell it really means something. 

  • The First Time They Argued Back 9 of 15

    That moment when you're no longer having conversations with someone who can't answer you back and they do and argue well -- it's pretty cool for me. I loved that I no longer had to guess what they were trying to say and their language was good enough that it was great and clear for me. 

  • Their First Friend 10 of 15

    When my kids started school, they got themselves their own friends and it was so much fun watching the group interact. My kids are pretty cute and when they're all grown-up like with their own friends, it's pretty special.

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  • The First Time They Played Together 11 of 15

    The first time I saw the kids all play together, it was so cool to see. The older kids were letting young Bean play, they were teaching her how to do things and they got along so well. 

  • Lost Teeth 12 of 15

    I'll be honest, it creeps me out, but my kids were so excited about it. The first time Speed and Raru lost a tooth, their eyes light up and they declared that they were growing up. 

  • The First Time They Spoke French 13 of 15

    I was worried about the kids going into French Immersion school. I know that they were going to get more in life from it, but was worried about the process. The first time they spoke a sentence to me in French was so amazing. It continues to amazing me each day. 

  • The First Time They Showed Me Empathy 14 of 15

    I really want to raise my kids to be loving, nurturing and empathetic people and I still remember the first time I watched each of my kids show that to me. If I was sick, they would rub my legs and tell me that they will make it all better. They hug each other when they cry, when they need help and it makes me so, so proud. 

  • First Day of School 15 of 15

    Oh, my babies are growing up! The first time Speed went off to school and then Raru (and next year Bean), it was so much fun watching them grow up, do things on their own and go off to school was pretty amazing. 

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