14 Cute, And Romantic Valentines Made Out Of Lego

love valentine's day lego
Women will tell men that “Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter” again this year. Men will believe them, and then on February 15 we’ll read about how it’s the busiest time for booty calls on the dating sites.

Valentine’s Day does matter. Sure, you don’t need to spend heaps on chocolates, flowers, or sparkles, but some effort needs to be made to show that the person is important.

A card. Breakfast in bed. Cute little mittens that you can wear when holding hands. That sorta thing.

You can even co-opt the kids to help you share some Valentine’s Day love by raiding the toy box and building some Lego monuments to love.

Lego has been encouraging the practice by asking people to post the pictures to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter with the #Lego #Valentine hashtag.

Here are some of the best:

  • Hunger Games 1 of 14
    A collection of red bricks and a shining hero is all you need to make this one.
    Image via Lego Educational Resource
  • Lego Locket 2 of 14
    Simple. Easy. Two lego clips and some chain, ribbon, string. Perfect gift for/from kids.
    Image via Inhabit
  • First Date Flowers 3 of 14
    A nice adornment for a breakfast in bed tray?
    Image via Lego
  • Love Robot 4 of 14
    My favorite of them all. So cute.
    Image via Sara Moore
  • Cupid 5 of 14
    There are all sorts of creative hearts you can make.
    Image via @njorpwood
  • Chivalry 6 of 14
    Such a romantic gentleman.
    Image via Atlanta Lants
  • In Frame 7 of 14
    You'll need to root at the bottom of the bin to find all the hinge pieces, but this one should be easy.
    Image via Courtney Browning
  • Different Hearts 8 of 14
    We have all sorts of bits and pieces in the Lego bin. Grab a couple that match and you'll be amazed how many hearts you can build.
    Image via Josi Bogdon
  • Broken Heart 9 of 14
    Not every Valentine's Day is perfect. This one might be best as an apology on the 15th if you forget the 14th.
    Image via Atlanta Lants
  • Big Heart 10 of 14
    If you're big hearted, you'll really want to stock up on the red bricks and make a huge statement.
    Image via JDEdge87
  • I <3 U 11 of 14
    The kids can really get into a project like this. Leave it on the kitchen table before dinner as a centerpiece.
    Image via SammyReado
  • Dozen Roses 12 of 14
    Why spend the outrageous florist prices on V-Day when you can make your own?
    Image via Rebrick
  • Triple Hearts 13 of 14
    One for each member of the family?
    Image via 8bitstate
  • Save The Date 14 of 14
    While the calendar will be accomplished by only hardcore Lego maniacs, maybe you could dig up the knight in shining armor part.
    Image via Lego

Header image via RedBubble.net

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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