14 Simple, Easy, Surprising Ways To Show You Love Your Kids This Valentine’s Day

14 valentine surprises for your kids

Cards are bought, reservations are made, and flowers are on order.

While Valentine’s Day is about a routine for adults and couples, it’s also a fun day for kids. From trading cards with their friends to dressing in red for school, kids get into the Valentine’s spirit, too. So why not capture their enthusiasm by surprising them this week?

Here are 14 simple, easy, cute, and surprising ways to show your kids you love them on Valentine’s Day!

  • Pack Their Favorite Lunch 1 of 14
    Pack Their Favorite Lunch
    Pack their most favorite ever. Or, you could skip the bag lunch and give them a treat with lunch money for the cafeteria.
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  • Cookies For Breakfast 2 of 14
    Cookies For Breakfast
    Okay, they may be oatmeal, but to the kids it is still "cookies for breakfast!!"
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  • Send A Card – In The Mail 3 of 14
    Send A Card - In The Mail
    Kids love mail. Getting a Valentine's Card in the mailbox with their name on it will be extra special.
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  • Kidnap Them From School 4 of 14
    Kidnap Them From School
    Grab them from school at lunch time and take them on a date at a coffee shop for lunch. If you're really adventurous, you could both take the rest of the day off and spend some time together playing hooky from work and school.
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  • Family Date Night 5 of 14
    Family Date Night
    Instead of a couple's night where the kids are stuck with a sitter, make Valentine's Day a family affair.
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  • Let Them Win 6 of 14
    Let Them Win
    Okay, maybe we let them win most of the time anyway, but for Valentine's Day let them really win.
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  • Go To The Movies 7 of 14
    Go To The Movies
    Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to catch that family flick you just haven't found the time to see yet.
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  • Spend One-on-One Time 8 of 14
    Spend One-on-One Time
    We set date night for our spouses, why not set aside some time with each of your kids for one-on-one fun?
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  • Have A Red Dinner 9 of 14
    Have A Red Dinner
    Everyone in the family wears red and sits down to a red dinner of tomatoes, chili, peppers, strawberries, beets, steak and more.
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  • Say Yes! 10 of 14
    Say Yes!
    Whatever it is they want to do, say Yes! Video games for 2 hours? Yes. Dessert for dinner? Yes.
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  • Skip Bath 11 of 14
    Skip Bath
    One night won't hurt, and if they're a big bath complainer, why not skip it as a simple treat?
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  • Make Bath Bigger 12 of 14
    Make Bath Bigger
    On the other hand, if your kids are bath lovers, why not make bath time over the top? Get out their color toys and fill the tub up with extra bubbles.
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  • Lunch Notes 13 of 14
    Lunch Notes
    So simple and spontaneous. If you've got a squirmy boy, making it extra mushy for Valentine's Day will be cute.
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  • Say I Love You 14 of 14
    Say I Love You
    A lot. All the time. Valentine's Day is the day to smother them in it.
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