14 Things Every Mom Should Have in the Car

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“Mom! I’m hungry!”

“Mom! I’m thirsty!”

“Mom! I spilled!”

I hear those words frequently throughout the day, and when I’m home, no big deal. But when we’re in the car and the chanting starts, it’s a little more complicated. Especially when I hear the spilling one. And trust me, that happens a lot!

Before I had kids, I vowed I would never allow my future children to do certain things. You know, because I was the perfect mom before I had kids. (HA!) Every time I saw a mini-van full of stains, crumbs, garbage, toys, and filth, I renewed my vow to never let my kids eat in the car, to always keep my car clean, to wash the outside of my car…’til death do we part. Oh, I was so naive!

For most of the moms I know, our cars are practically our home on wheels. Especially now that kids are getting more and more involved in activities and school. My car is more times than not, the dreaded image of the mini-van that haunted me years ago. Why is it so difficult to keep clean?

I broke all my vows the minute I put my first baby in her car seat. The pockets behind my seat were immediately filled with diapers, wipes, extra clothes and other baby essentials. That’s just how it goes. My kids are older now, but not much has changed. They still have needs. And when I do clean out my car and there’s not a trace of family evidence left, I feel naked. Especially when we’re headed out for the night and I hear…”Mom! I’m thirsty!”

Uh-oh, I don’t have anything.

I’d rather be prepared than have a barren car.

I talked to several other mothers and asked them what they have in their car that makes their life easier. Here is what they said…

  • Snacks 1 of 14
    Oh the snacks! The culprit to the crumbs that never disappear. Which would I rather have...crumbs or hungry, crying children?
  • Spray Bottle 2 of 14
    I had to laugh when one mother told me she uses a spray bottle to squirt her kids when they are fighting. It shocks them and they hate it. That's funny.
  • Water 3 of 14
    It's always nice to have water handy, especially when rushing off to soccer games or other activities. I know we consume a ton while driving.
  • Emergency Kit 4 of 14
    This is a great item that may be easily overlooked. But one that would be essential if stranded somewhere. Flashlights, batteries and extra clothes could really come in handy in a sticky situation.
  • Tissues 5 of 14
    You don't need this one if you're immune from runny noses. If you're not immune, these are a better alternative to sleeves!
  • Hand Sanitizer 6 of 14
    One mother told me that as soon as her kids get in the car from school, the first thing they do is de-germ. She has this sitting in her console to help fight the bugs.
  • Baby Wipes 7 of 14
    Whether you have a baby or not, baby wipes can help out with the "Mom! I just spilled," plea. These are instant, handy seat-washers and sticky-finger-fixers.
  • Music 8 of 14
    My kids love music and several other moms agreed that music is a must. I'd recommend music that won't make you twitch. It should definitely be win/win.
  • Trash Bag 9 of 14
    Wipes, tissues, half-eaten snacks and wrappers need a home, unless you want them shoved down the seat belt hole. A trash helps contain the mess. There are several that are tailored for cars.
    Here is one that conveniently hangs
  • Car Organizer 10 of 14
    With a list of stuff piling up in the car, having it organized only makes sense. It's the method to the madness.
    You can find this one here
  • Blanket 11 of 14
    Carseats and boosters double as beds sometimes especially when those little eyes are tired. A blanket always comes in handy and can be part of the emergency kit as well.
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  • Entertainment 12 of 14
    It's nice to look back in a rear view mirror and see smiling, entertained faces. Whether it's a movie, toys or books that keep them occupied, I think we'd all agree that some kind of entertainment is needed on occasion.
    Photo Credit: Stock.Xchng & ugaldew
  • First Aid Kit 13 of 14
    You never know when there will be a need for a band-aid. It's always nice to know that you have one though, when the situation arises.
    Photo Credit: Stock.Xchng & dannystock
  • Loose Change 14 of 14
    Here's how I'm able to stay true to a portion of my vows. The one where I keep my car clean. A bag of loose change and an extra few minutes at the car wash help me feel better about life when the crumbs start taking over.
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What do you have in your car that you can’t live without?


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