15 Amazing Sand Castles to Inspire Your Beach Fun This Summer

We are getting a really big taste of summer this week as the heat wave rolls in. The kids are out or nearing the end of the school year, and with all that brings (hopefully) a trip or two to the beach.

Sun, swimming and of course the sand — all three have endless possibilities for summer fun for the kids. One thing I hope to do with my kids at the beach this year is build our first sand castle together. It has been FOREVER since I sat in the sand and tried to be creative (which I am not) and building a sand castle is for sure one of the childhood memories everyone should have.

There are some over-achievers in the world — even when it comes to sand castle building (or sand art or sculpturing depending on how you look at it). The talent, attention to detail, and crazy imaginations behind these pieces are something to marvel at!

Click though to see 15 pretty awesome examples of sand castles + sand art:

  • Dragon Danger 1 of 15
    Dragon Danger
    Such attention to fine detail.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Violin 2 of 15
    I wonder how you practice for this kind of thing?
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Face + Hands 3 of 15
    Face + Hands
    More of a beginner's sculpture.
    Photo credit: /revstan on Flickr
  • Frogs & People &… 4 of 15
    Frogs & People &...
    There's a lot of imagination in this cool sculpture.
    Photo credit: nathelbiya on Flickr
  • Piano Man 5 of 15
    Piano Man
    A man playing a piano and a huge dragon ... okay.
    Photo credit: Abi Skipp on Flickr
  • Soccer 6 of 15
    A cool soccer-inspired scultpure
    Photo credit: deepsphotos on Flickr
  • Awesome Castle 7 of 15
    Awesome Castle
    I would want to live in there -- so cool.
    Photo credit: 1uk3 on Flickr
  • Doesn’t Look Real 8 of 15
    Doesn't Look Real
    So good, it can't be true.
    Photo credit: taubuch on Flickr
  • Look at the Detail 9 of 15
    Look at the Detail
    This is an amazing castle with so much detail!
    Photo credit: KenC1983 on Flickr
  • For the Kids 10 of 15
    For the Kids
    Not a professional, but still way better than I could do!
    Photo credit: amerune on Flickr
  • Whole Lot Here 11 of 15
    Whole Lot Here
    There is SO MUCH attention to detail in this piece.
    Photo credit: commodon on Flickr
  • Sand Castle 12 of 15
    Sand Castle
    This looks like one that is doable in a day at the beach.
    Photo credit: Damian Gadal on Flickr
  • Kids Help 13 of 15
    Kids Help
    Another castle that looks like children could do, with a lot of patience.
    Photo credit: _e.t on Flickr
  • Heads Up 14 of 15
    Heads Up
    How they got the hair to look like hair I will never understand.
    Photo credit: netdiva on Flickr
  • Gargoyle Castle 15 of 15
    Gargoyle Castle
    An awesome spin on traditional look.
    Photo credit: loozrboy on Flickr

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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