15 Books Perfect For Girls Who Love Princesses and Parents Who Hate Them

Last week I wrote about how I am not a big believer in the whole hate on princesses idea. I loved them when I was a girl — my kids love them now and we’re totally fine. I don’t believe that believing in fairy tale books that my kids know are not real has any negative effect on them because I am raising them — not these stories. But you know, to each their own. There are some things I dislike that others don’t agree with too.

So, if you hate princess books but your kids love them — there are some options for you. Some great stories with “non-typical” princesses kicking butt that both your kids and self will enjoy.

Click through for 15 book suggestions for girls who love princesses even though you hate them:

  • The Princess and the Pig 1 of 15
    The Princess and the Pig
    Priscilla the princess has accidentally switched places with Pigmella, the farmer's new piglet.
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  • Princess Peepers 2 of 15
    Princess Peepers
    A non-typical princess adventure looking for a pet for her upcoming pet show.
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  • The Paper Bag Princess 3 of 15
    The Paper Bag Princess
    This classic book was one of my favorites growing up. Princess Elizabeth's tale of slaying dragons and rescuing princes.
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  • The Barefoot Book Of Princesses 4 of 15
    The Barefoot Book Of Princesses
    A collection of less-known princess stories.
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  • The Secret Lives of Princesses 5 of 15
    The Secret Lives of Princesses
    A collection of less-then-perfect sisters of the more known princesses. Princess Oblivia, Princess Babbling Brooke, Princess Claire Voyant and more embrace their imperfections and qualities that make them unique.
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  • Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? 6 of 15
    Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?
    A beautiful story that really hits that being a princess has more to do with what's on the inside then what you look like.
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  • Not All Princesses Dress in Pink 7 of 15
    Not All Princesses Dress in Pink
    A take on non-typical this book shows that princesses love other colors, mud and being a kid.
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  • Princess Pigsty 8 of 15
    Princess Pigsty
    Princess Isabella throws her crown out the window--it's BORING being a princess and embarks on an outdoor adventure.
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  • The Princess Knight 9 of 15
    The Princess Knight
    Violet is a young princess who wishes she could show the world that she is just as brave and strong as her brothers. This book challenges typical fairytale stories as Violet disguises herself as a boy and goes against her father's orders.
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  • Princess Smartypants 10 of 15
    Princess Smartypants
    A story of a Princess who is happy being herself and she wishes to not get married. A story of preserving independence.
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  • Cinder Edna 11 of 15
    Cinder Edna
    The neighbor of the famous Cinderella, Cinder Edna takes on her own adventures and shows the world how strong she is.
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  • I Don’t Want to Go to Bed! 12 of 15
    I Don't Want to Go to Bed!
    A fun story in a collection with a trouble making princess with a mind of her own.
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  • Princesses Are Not Quitters 13 of 15
    Princesses Are Not Quitters
    Princess Allie, Mellie, and Libby strip themselves of their spoiled ways and take on chores, new games and find pride in their accomplishments.
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  • Princesses Are Not Perfect 14 of 15
    Princesses Are Not Perfect
    We join Princess Allie, Mellie and Libby again as they take on new challenges and adventures they've never tried before.
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  • The Princess and the Pizza 15 of 15
    The Princess and the Pizza
    Paulina the Princess quests to win the love of the prince and when she does -- in a surprising twist she turns him down and starts her own business instead.
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