15 Kid Gift Ideas That Have Gone Postal!

Lately, my four-year-old son Oscar is obsessed with mail. He loves it all: the letter writing, mail carriers, the post office, stamps!  Today I asked him to help me make a dream list of post office themed gifts for Christmas. I was shocked by how many adorable ideas we found!









Check out the list and tell me what I missed! I’m certainly not going to get everything, but I might get a few of his favorites. Which ones do you like the best?

  • Postal Worker Paper Doll 1 of 15
    Postal Worker Paper Doll
    I'll start with my favorite! Seeing Oscar's face as a super hero mailman cracks me up. I love everything about this present. It's magnetic. It's got style. It's funny. Perfect gift!
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  • Postal Worker Costume 2 of 15
    Postal Worker Costume
    A Basic! This costume is a must!
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  • M is For Mailman Flashcard 3 of 15
    M is For Mailman Flashcard
    I think this would look great framed. Bonus: It's letter pressed! I'm sure Oscar won't appreciate that detail but I do!
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  • Mailbox 4 of 15
    I love big impact toys like this under the Christmas tree. Oscar would flip out if Santa brought it!
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  • Mail Bird Stamp 5 of 15
    Mail Bird Stamp
    How sweet is this little owl? I might steal from Oscar!
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  • The Jolly Postman 6 of 15
    The Jolly Postman
    There are a lot of nonfiction books about post offices, but nothing stood out to me. Do you know of one? This fiction book, however, looks really fun to read. Every other page has a letter that kids can pull out of an envelope and read. Such a creative concept!
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  • Various Box and Tape Set 7 of 15
    Various Box and Tape Set
    I love that this seller puts custom packages together for her buyers! Oscar was really excited when I showed him all his options!
    Find beautiful boxes at Le Box Boutique on Etsy
  • Real Stamps 8 of 15
    Real Stamps
    I thought it would be fun to give him a set of real stamps to mail letters to relatives across the country. He's asked to do this a few times, but I never know where my stamps are located! Sorry cousins in Florida!
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  • A Lot of Post Cards 9 of 15
    A Lot of Post Cards
    I thought it would be fun for Oscar to play with used postcards. The great thing about this lot is that some of the postcards have real stamped letters and others are blank. He could write his own!
    Find post cards like these at Artsy Dove on Etsy
  • Postal Trucks 10 of 15
    Postal Trucks
    I love the size of these trucks. Perfect to fit in his hands and zoom down the hallway!
    Find these trucks on Amazon
  • Mini Envelopes 11 of 15
    Mini Envelopes
    Out of all the envelopes I showed Oscar on Etsy, these were the clear winner! He loves the colors, I love the business card size.
    Find tiny envelopes like these on Etsy
  • Post Office Weigh Station 12 of 15
    Post Office Weigh Station
    Oscar made me put this toy on the list. I usually cringed at buying plastic toys, but his was so excited by this one I couldn't resist! So here it is on the wish list!
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  • Mail Bag: An Essenial 13 of 15
    Mail Bag: An Essenial
    This is on the top of Oscar's list. He told me he loves it because it will make him feel like a real mail carrier. I love that it's handmade!
    Buy this bag at Etsy
  • Postal Worker Puppet 14 of 15
    Postal Worker Puppet
    Isn't she cute? I was super excited when I found this puppet. My kids adore puppets! Do yours?
    Find it on Amazon
  • A Real Mailbox 15 of 15
    A Real Mailbox
    I showed Oscar homemade mailboxes on Etsy made out of felt. They were adorable! But he said, "No! I don't want a soft mailbox! I want a real one!" Good idea!
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Photo Credit: Artsy Dove. I added the print.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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