15 Great Apps for Kids

15 Great Apps for KidsAccording to Apple’s app store, they offer over 500,000 apps available for download.

That certainly makes sifting through and finding great apps for your kids more than a bit challenging.

I rarely find apps by browsing through iTunes. Instead, I ask friends which apps they’ve downloaded and loved or I read app reviews to narrow down my options so that I don’t waste money on a game that’s simply not worth having.

Today, I’m sharing with you kids’ apps that I’ve downloaded and think are worth recommending.

I’d love to hear your app recommendations in the comments!

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    The same Bob books that have taught so many children to read are now available in an app. This is one of my daughter's favorites. ($1.99)
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    Montessori-inspired Alpha Writer is one of the best apps I've bought my daughter. I love that it helps kids learn to read, write, and spell phonetically, while also helping them to create stories. My daughter has had this app since it was released last year and she is still delighted by it. ($2.99)
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    My daughter loves Sid the Science Kid and this app brought a smile to her face immediately. This app, like the show itself, is great for helping kids explore early math and science concepts. ($2.99)
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    Warning for parents: Where's My Water is more than a bit addictive for adults. This game encourages kids to think strategically while tackling puzzle-like challenges. ($0.99)
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    Though this Cinderella Nosy Crow app is a bit pricier than many of the others on my list, it's interactive features and emphasis on the best parts of the story of Cinderella make this app is a hit with us. ($7.99)
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    Tiny Wings is an arcade game that combines physics and rhythm. Plus, it's just plain fun. ($0.99)
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    I'm actually surprised by how much my daughter loves the Cookie Doodle app. Though not much learning goes on in this app beyond how ingredients come together to make cookies, this app encourages creativity and simple fun. ($0.99)
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    I'm not sure if I love the gorgeous graphics or the sweet story more in the Little Miss Spider app. We've had this since it was first released in December of 2010 and my daughter still enjoys playing it. ($0.99)
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    In Cut the Rope, kids engage in a fun, physics-based puzzle game that challenges them to think in new ways.
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    The Martha Speaks Dog Party app helps kids to expand their vocabulary while playing four fun mini-games.
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    Math Bingo is exactly what it sounds like…a great combination of math and bingo. One of the best parts about this app is that with its various levels of game play, it's a great option for a wide age range of school-aged children. ($0.99)
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    Your kids will love to read, watch, listen, and play with all of the Thomas the Train characters in the Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue app. ($4.99)
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    My Spell Test is a parent's dream come true. Simply enter your child's weekly spelling words and then your child can practice and test themselves throughout the week. I love that this helps your child work on their actual list, rather than just random app-generated words. ($2.99)
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    Though at first glance, Talking Tom Cat looks like a silly app that's just for giggles, if you have a reluctant talker, you might be surprised by how much they'll love interacting with Tom. (free)
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    From the makers of Math Bingo, comes Word Bingo, an app that utilizes sight words instead of math concepts. This app is great for helping kids to reinforce their recognition of sight words and also to help them build reading confidence. ($0.99)
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