15 of the Best Kids Books You Might Not Own

My cousin is a preschool teacher, so we rely pretty heavily on his recommendations for books to read. He’s never steered us wrong, and thanks to his suggestions, and other titles that we’ve stumbled upon, we have a pretty awesome collection of books for the kids.

While we certainly ┬áhave the old standbys, like Goodnight Moon and A Light in the Attic, I’ve found that, unlike movies, some of my favorite children’s books are not considered “classics.”

These titles might not be on any best seller lists, but they are loved in our family and amongst our friends. Check them out and then be sure to add some of them, or all of them, of them to your book collection.

  • One 1 of 15
    This is, without a doubt, my favorite book for kids. It is simply written and illustrated, but delivers a powerful message. Using colors as characters, Kathryn Otoshi shows kids that it only takes one person to stand up to a bully.
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  • Zero 2 of 15
    Written by the same author as "One," this book uses numbers to teach kids to be comfortable in their bodies, whatever their shape. An important lesson to learn early in life.
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  • City Dog, Country Frog 3 of 15
    City Dog, Country Frog
    A beautifully illustrated book, "City Dog, Country Frog" tells the touching tale of two unlikely friends. Their friendship stands the test of time and separation, and is joyously celebrated every Season. When country frog misses their winter get together, country dog finds friendship with another unlikely creature.
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  • How Do Dinosaurs… 4 of 15
    How Do Dinosaurs...
    A series of books by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, these funny books teach children how to act appropriately in different situations. Going to bed, eating their food, loving their pets, saying I love you...all these topics and more are visited in different versions of the series. Using rhyme and silly situations, these books subtly remind children about good behavior.
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  • 14 Cows for America 5 of 15
    14 Cows for America
    A beautifully illustrated book, "14 Cows for America" tells the true story of an African man who shares the story of 9/11 with his Masai tribe. Touched by the story and wanting to help, his tribe offers America the most generous and heartfelt thing they can, 14 of their beloved and sacred cows. This book will teach kids that caring and compassion come in many forms and can easily cross borders.
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  • How I Became a Pirate 6 of 15
    How I Became a Pirate
    When young Jeremy comes across an opportunity to board a pirate ship and become part of the crew, he takes it. Living a Pirate life is grand, until he starts to miss some of the comforts of home. In the end, Jeremy realizes that while adventure and excitement are fun for a while, home is where he belongs.
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  • I Stink 7 of 15
    I Stink
    This vividly colored book follows a garbage truck through a day (or night, as the case may be) of work. Your kids will love to find out what goes on in the world of trash collection, and the "soup" of items collected is a fun way to reinforce the alphabet.
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  • Is There Really a Human Race? 8 of 15
    Is There Really a Human Race?
    This book by Jamie Lee Curtis has a boy questioning the human race. "When did it start? Who said, 'Ready, Set, Go'? Did it start on my birthday? I really must know." At the end, his mom tells him that trying your best and making the world a better place is what the "race" is really about.
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  • Little Pea 9 of 15
    Little Pea
    Poor little Pea HATES eating candy. But he has to eat all of his dinner before he can have his dessert of vegetables. This books turns the tables on candy-loving kids and they will think it's hilarious that Pea wants to eat vegetables more than candy.
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  • No, David! 10 of 15
    No, David!
    David is a naughty, naughty boy whose mom tells him "NO!" all day long. But in the end, even though he misbehaves, she loves him anyway.
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  • Spoon 11 of 15
    Suddenly, Spoon is self-conscious and jealous of fork and knife because of the exciting things that they get to do. In the end, though, spoon realizes that he has special qualities, too. He can do things that fork and knife can't, and that's pretty awesome.
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  • The Gas We Pass 12 of 15
    The Gas We Pass
    A funny, giggle-inducing book about the science behind flatulence. Parents and kids will laugh as they make their way through this informative, if silly, book.
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  • Water the Farting Dog 13 of 15
    Water the Farting Dog
    Another book about flatulence, you ask? YES. This time, Walter the dog is about to be given away because of his constant farting. But, when what drives his owner crazy becomes the thing that saves their home from burglars, the dad realizes that, even though he may not be perfect, they love him anyway.
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  • The Lady in the Box 14 of 15
    The Lady in the Box
    A touching story about children who worry about the homeless woman who lives in a box. When it becomes cold, they sneak her food and clothes and begin to volunteer at a homeless shelter. Children will learn that even small good deeds can make a difference in someone's life.
    Find this one at your local library, or peruse a local bookstore, it seems to be sold out online!
  • All My Friends are Dead 15 of 15
    All My Friends are Dead
    This hysterical book masquerades as a children's book, but is really something that parents will enjoy. Add it to your collection and break it out for your friends.
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Now tell me, what are your favorite children’s books?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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