15 of the Ugliest Kid Tattoos Ever

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Just because I don’t have any tattoos doesn’t mean I don’t know fugly ink when I see it.

I appreciate the sentiment of body art and the freedom of expression it allows – honest. I also understand why parents pay homage to their offspring by way of tattoos. If (or when) I ever decide to get inked, I’ll most definitely choose a tattoo to honor my sons.

But as gorgeous as I believe my kids to be, I’d shy away from tattoo portraiture for fear they’d end up looking like demon spawn, or worse yet, Garbage Pail Kids.

When I discovered Fail Blog’s Ugliest Tattoos, I was compelled to spend no less than two hours cringing at the inky regret intended to honor the fruit of tattooed loins.

Check out 15 of the ugliest kid tattoos ever after the jump!

  • Skelegirl 1 of 15
    Allow me to formally introduce you to the love child of Skeletor and She-Ra.
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  • Shhh! Don’t tell Dad his tat sucks 2 of 15
    Shhh! Don't tell Dad his tat sucks
    This tattoo managed to transform a precious child into that evil kid from The Grudge.
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  • Adam Rich, is that you? 3 of 15
    Adam Rich, is that you?
    This looks like that kid I had I crush on from Eight is Enough, you know, if he was a zombie.
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  • Embrace the ugly 4 of 15
    Embrace the ugly
    I bet the photo that inspired this tattoo was absolutely precious, shame these kids look all Children of the Corn.
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  • The real shady 5 of 15
    The real shady
    A case of shading gone horribly, horribly wrong.
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  • Moobies 6 of 15
    While the tattoos look pretty good, the man boob location leaves a lot to be desired.
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  • Fun house mirror 7 of 15
    Fun house mirror
    I get the whole cartoony vibe of this portrait but I speak on behalf of his kids when I say, "Dad, you suck".
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  • Poor Dexter and Rachel 8 of 15
    Poor Dexter and Rachel
    These kids have earned the right to do whatever they want for the rest of their lives.
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  • I know who the favorite is 9 of 15
    I know who the favorite is
    Ali, you look OK. Marqui, that is one crooked butt chin you got there. Sonrisas, I have no words.
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  • Just no 10 of 15
    Just no
    This adorable little girl the Garbage Pail Kid treatment.
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  • Symmetry is overrated 11 of 15
    Symmetry is overrated
    This child looks like he's melting!
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  • Not even close 12 of 15
    Not even close
    A prison tattoo is the only logical explanation.
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  • So close, yet so far 13 of 15
    So close, yet so far
    Dallas, it looks like you have something stuck in your teeth...among other things.
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  • Vampire child 14 of 15
    Vampire child
    Is Edgar the illigitimate child of vampiress Bella and Jacob? Because he sure looks like it.
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  • Troll doll 15 of 15
    Troll doll
    This adorable faux hawked kid has gone troll through no fault of his own.
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Which tattoo is your “favorite”?

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