15 Reasons I’m Glad My Kids Have a Brother

I didn’t grow up with brothers, but I always wished I had a protective older brother who doted on me. Perhaps the reality is not quite what I imagined it to be, but there are definitely some advantages to having a brother.

This university study¬†found that having a loving sibling of either gender promoted good deeds among the siblings. I think my kids need to read that study. . . But there’s no doubt that brothers contribute a lot to our family. Click through to find out why I’m glad my kids have a brother.


  • Brothers teach you how to take teasing 1 of 15
    Brothers teach you how to take teasing
    Brothers can be relentless and if my husband and his sisters are any indication, they never stop. But learning how to take teasing is an important life skill that big brothers love to teach. Ah. It never gets old.
  • Brothers have your back 2 of 15
    Brothers have your back
    Brothers can offer support and encouragement when "mean girl" friends do their worst. My daughter leans on her brothers when drama with her friends heats up.
  • Brothers are good babysitters 3 of 15
    Brothers are good babysitters
    Boys can tend little siblings just as well as a big sister can. Give them a chance to help out and practice. They'll surprise you!
  • Brothers cheer you up 4 of 15
    Brothers cheer you up
    A new study shows that having a sibling to talk to protects older kids from depression and insecurity. Siblings act as a sounding board and can be easier to talk to than parents.
  • Brothers give good advice 5 of 15
    Brothers give good advice
    Brothers come at problems a little differently than mom and dad would. They can offer great advice and a different perspective that's worth listening to.
  • Brothers help you get used to messes 6 of 15
    Brothers help you get used to messes
    I didn't grow up with brothers. Now married with 2 sons, the smells can be alarming. Living with brothers inoculates against the mess and smells of life.
  • Brothers expand your taste 7 of 15
    Brothers expand your taste
    Big brothers can introduce you to cool music, movies, books, and comics that you would never find on your own. I hate to think where my kids would be without the introduction of Minecraft into their lives.
  • Brothers push you out of your comfort zone 8 of 15
    Brothers push you out of your comfort zone
    Because brothers can be wild and crazy, sometimes they embolden you to try something new and be a little bit braver. My son learned to ride a unicycle last year and now his little brother has one too.
  • Brothers protect you 9 of 15
    Brothers protect you
    When I asked my 5-year-old daughter what she liked best about having brothers she replied, "They protect you." She's got two big brothers, so she's an expert. They do look out for her.
  • Brothers are good teachers 10 of 15
    Brothers are good teachers
    Brothers want capable playmates. My younger kids have been taught to play Risk, ride bikes, and hold their own on the Wii because their brother wanted someone to play with. Also, a big brother will teach a sibling to tie their shoes and shoot a basketball instead of waiting for mom to do it.
  • Brothers have cute friends 11 of 15
    Brothers have cute friends
    I always wanted a brother. Mostly because I wanted to hang out with his cute friends. A definite plus.
  • Brothers set an example 12 of 15
    Brothers set an example
    Older siblings can pave the way for the younger ones. It's a big responsibility but it helps those little guys coming up behind them. The younger kids know what to expect and what is expected of them.
  • Brothers build confidence 13 of 15
    Brothers build confidence
    Learning how to relate to a sibling builds communication skills that give kids confidence in different situations for the rest of their lives.
  • Brothers don’t mind silence 14 of 15
    Brothers don't mind silence
    My boys will sit and not talk for hours. It can be so refreshing--especially when texts and messages are constantly pinging. Sometimes not talking hits the spot.
  • Brothers help you understand guys 15 of 15
    Brothers help you understand guys
    A girl with a brother is better equipped to relate to boys. I think it's absolutely an advantage to live with brothers. Having a brother makes you just a bit more savvy when you hit the dating scene.

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