15 Shocking Facts About Children and Guns

We’ve recently become very friendly with our new neighbors, who moved to New York from the U.K. They have two small boys (4 years and 18 months), and so it’s been interesting and eye-opening to compare cultural and political differences between the two countries. Especially in the context of parenting.

While our neighbors are happy here in the States, there is one issue that has them second-guessing their decision to move here: guns.

Of course their concern was amplified after the horrific tragedy in our backyard, but they brought that fear with them from the start. The gun violence here — which doesn’t seem to be slowing down — simply doesn’t happen in the U.K. Of course no country is immune to mental illness, domestic violence, and tragedies — but, as you’ll see in the following facts about children and guns, U.S. children are 65 times more likely to be killed by a gun than a U.K. child. That’s a tremendous statistic to consider as a parent.

Seeing the issue through their perspective — stripped of constitutional and political issues — suddenly makes it all look so simple. These are our children. Are we okay with parents being scared to raise kids here? Is that something we should be proud of?

And then I realized that perhaps American parents aren’t aware of just how dire the situation is. I mean, I found these facts to be pretty darn jaw-dropping — and I have a feeling you will too. Here’s the truth about guns and children in our country:



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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