15 Summer Camps… For Parents

What will you do with your week (or weeks) while the kids are away at summer camp? Perhaps you take the time to organize the house, go on lots of date nights, or just sit and soak up the quiet.

But what about sending yourself to summer camp as well?

As the Babblers go on about kids and sleep-away camp this season, have you ever thought about going on your own adventure? I think about it all the time.

There are some fabulous summer camp ideas for parents, except that ours are usually called retreats or academies. Just as there are specialized camps for kids, the summer camps for parents are all about nurturing a special skill or interest.

From yoga to golf to quilting to unplugging, check out this list of 14 summer camps for big kids.

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    15 Summer Camp Ideas FOR PARENTS

    Whether you like to quilt, golf, bird, or drink wine, there's a camp for you so just scroll through.

  • Camp Grounded 2 of 16

    This new camp has already run 1 successful session this summer and plans another. The Camp Grounded idea is simple: go to summer camp and unplug. It's a chance to be nostalgic and relive summer camp the way it was when you went to camp. So what do you do? How about hiking, star gazing, sing-alongs, swimming in the river, capture the flag, truth or dare, laughing contests, archery, pillow fights, and making friendship bracelets. There is even a bold disclaimer: This is not a conference, this is summer camp. That's some old school goodness right there.
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  • Surfin Safari 3 of 16

    At this Surf Camp, they claim to make girls out of women. It's all about hanging ten, letting lose, and finding your inner Blue Crush. Called "the Golden Door of Surf Camps," Las Olas surf safaris for women has also been featured in O Magazine, Newsweek, Time, Outside, Travel & Leisure, and many more.
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  • Wine Camp 4 of 16

    Yeah, I know "Mommy Needs Wine." So why not take a break and actually start to take your guzzling from the sippy cup seriously? Wine Camp in Long Island is a 4-day adventure in wine country. From wine tastings and seminars to al fresco lunches in the vineyard, you'll come home with a case of wine to practice for "homework." 
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  • Yoga Camp 5 of 16

    If you need to just get away from everything, you probably don't need a camp, you need a retreat. YogaFinder can point you to retreats all around the world. You can do downward dog, drink cucumber water, and then child's pose in places like Bali, Australia, or Wales.
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  • Cowboy College 6 of 16

    Perfect for city slickers, Cowboy College will put you to work on a real ranch to experience the old west. Roping, herding cows, horseshoeing, it's all covered and then some. Get ready to cowboy up, my friend.
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  • Camp Unleashed 7 of 16

    Camp isn't just for kids and parents. Camp Unleashed is one where you can bring your pet. This is an obedience camp, this is a camp for dogs to relax, unwind, and play as much as you. All the activities are organized with dogs in mind.
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  • Golf Academy 8 of 16

    Now that my kids are getting older, I'm getting back into the swing of playing golf a little more regularly. Still, there is one camp I am dying to go to—Golf Camp. The sort of thing where you spend hours on the range with instructors, you play with experts who can help with course management, and you come home with a better appreciation and skill for the game so it doesn't feel like a waste of $100 every weekend. David Leadbetter offers just that. Sign me up.
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  • Adventure Camp 9 of 16

    Breaking out of the routine, having some moments of self-discovery, and doing things you used to scared of is what camp should be about. Self Discovery Adventures serves up that sort of experience to shake up your life and push you out stronger on the other side.
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  • Space Camp 10 of 16

    My name is Buzz. I have met Buzz Aldrin. Then there is Buzz Lightyear. To say I feel it is my destiny to go to space, or infinity and beyond, is an understatement. Space Camp will do. While the Huntsville, Alabama campus is mostly for kids, at the end of the summer they run a number of programs for adults as well.
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  • Fantasy Camp 11 of 16

    If you think you can play with the pros, then play with them. Wayne Gretzky runs an incredible Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas that brings together former Stanley Cup champion players and coaches. The week is run like a real training camp with drills on ice, and a tournament where everyone gets to have some playing time with the Great One. It's not cheap, the last camp was $11,999 (each!).
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  • Broadway Fantasy Camp 12 of 16

    There is something for everyone at Summer Camp, so for the stage mom/dad who just can't help living vicariously through their kids, why not buck up and live the dream yourself. Broadway Fantasy Camp puts you on stage with Broadway choreographers, dancers, directors, and actors. You perform on the same stages as the pros, and can have your own solo moment to shine.
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  • Bird Camp 13 of 16

    Everyone has a hobby, and if yours is identifying birds, then Bird Camp will be where you want to spend a week learning from the best. The program includes birding adventures each morning, followed by more in-depth study in your choice specialty of bird photography or bird art/writing. You'll take field trips to bird sanctuaries and even practice your bird poetry.
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  • Band Camp 14 of 16

    Not quite the version from American Pie, this Band Camp is for jazz afficianados. They actually call it "band camp for adults" and offer sessions in everything from Jazz piano to drumsets, trombone, and guitar. You break out, get some expert instruction and come back at the end for a big show.
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  • Quilt Camp 15 of 16

    Need to unwind? How about a 4 day quilting class held int he hayloft of a 19th Century barn? Quilt Camp is the perfect antidote to a busy modern life.
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  • Wait, There’s More! 16 of 16

    And that's just the beginning. As with the summer camps for kids, the ideas are limitless when it comes to learning new skills, practicing sports, or getting away from it all. If you want some other ideas to escape this summer, check out to find something that interest you.

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