15 Summer Memories from My Childhood I Want My Children to Experience

It’s the time of e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and video games. These days it seems children can explore the world without ever leaving the comfort of their living room couch, and while I love the internet and technology as much as the next person, I get a bit bummed when I have to persuade my 5-year-old to abandon whatever device has his attention at the moment and step out into the sunshine.

There’s no better time to fall in love with the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the great outdoors than the Summer and this year I want our family to spend as little time indoors as possible.

This year I want to show my children exactly what summer was all about for me growing up. By September I know we’ll share a favorite season and a few new favorite memories.

Here are 15 summer memories from my childhood I want my children to experience this year:

  • Explore a creek bed 1 of 15
    Explore a creek bed
    Whether we skip rocks or hunt crawdaddys, warm days spent playing in a creek is a fond memory of mine from childhood and tops my list of summer to-dos. It's a must for any kid growing up in the country.
  • Make a mud pie 2 of 15
    Make a mud pie
    Forget keeping our school clothes clean! Summer is the time for grass stains and mud. I want to put the aftermath of those sporadic thunderstorms to good use and teach my kids the fun of making mud pies.
  • Catch an ice cream truck 3 of 15
    Catch an ice cream truck
    As the years go by, visits from the ice cream truck seem fewer and farther between. This year we will have our money ready when we hear that familiar music coming our way.
  • Climb a tree 4 of 15
    Climb a tree
    Fear of heights and broken bones aside, swinging from branches is a childhood rite of passage and the best way to catch that afternoon breeze.
  • Eat a popsicle feast 5 of 15
    Eat a popsicle feast
    Remember convincing your mom to buy a 100 pack of water popsicles as a kid? The hardest part, besides ripping them open with your teeth, was waiting for them to freeze overnight. During the summer these flavored treats were a staple of my diet. I can't wait to enjoy them by the pool with my kids.
  • Catch bugs in a jar 6 of 15
    Catch bugs in a jar
    Ordinarily, I run screaming from any type of insect, but this summer I want to channel my 5-year-old self, punch some holes into the metal lid of a mason jar, and catch a few bugs with my kids. Whether we capture fireflies, beetles, or grasshoppers -- this is a memory I don't want my children to miss out on.
  • Build a sandcastle 7 of 15
    Build a sandcastle
    No summer is complete without a few trips to the beach. Finally, our kids are old enough to build, not just destroy, a sandcastle. I can't wait to show them the tips and tricks I've acquired over all those summers at the shore.
  • Run through the sprinklers 8 of 15
    Run through the sprinklers
    Need I elaborate? Running through the sprinkler is a classic childhood pastime and with good reason. There's no simpler way to have fun while staying cool.
  • Build a bonfire 9 of 15
    Build a bonfire
    Summers are for staying up late and building bonfires and what good is a bonfire if you don't roast marshmallows? In a few years, we'll add in ghost stories for the perfect evening spent 'round the fire.
  • Go barefoot 10 of 15
    Go barefoot
    No socks and shoes allowed! A major perk of Summer is the feel of grass underfoot. I hope to teach my kids the beauty in spending a little time sans shoes.
  • Camp in our backyard 11 of 15
    Camp in our backyard
    We don't have to head to a national park to have a blast camping. Some of my fondest memories as a child were made in a tent in my own backyard. I can't wait to set ours up and make a few more with my children.
  • Take a road trip 12 of 15
    Take a road trip
    Arriving at your destination is overrated. Half the fun is in the journey. Forget the GPS and the in headrest DVD player. I want to go on at least one family road trip where we study a map and play a little "I Spy."
  • Have a water balloon fight 13 of 15
    Have a water balloon fight
    Sure, they take an hour to fill and thirty seconds to destroy, but a wild water balloon fight is good for the soul.
  • Eat our weight in watermelon 14 of 15
    Eat our weight in watermelon
    There's nothing more delicious than a fresh, ice cold watermelon on a steamy summer day. Perhaps, we'll add in a friendly seed spitting contest and make an afternoon of it.
  • Sleep in 15 of 15
    Sleep in
    Okay, maybe this is wishful thinking, but a mom can dream. Right?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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