15 Things I Hope My Daughter Gets for Christmas (That I Want for Myself!)

santa, Christmas list, Christmas toys for kidsThere’s an upside to having kids at Christmastime that no one tells you about.

Yes, it’s lovely to see the magic of the holidays in the eyes of your children…. to see them delight the wonder of the season.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But the wonderful bonus to all of that is that when you’ve grown weary of the constant games of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders, Christmas brings new toys for you…I mean, your kids to play with!

With each passing year, my daughter’s presents grow more exciting for me, her primary playmate.

So, once she’s finalized her Christmas list, I’m tacking my own suggestions onto the bottom of her list.

This mama needs new toys!

Here’s my list…

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    I'm not sure just one of these sewing kits will be enough. We may need two.
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    This art box would have delighted me as a child and I'm certain it would now, too.
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    Like most children, my daughter loves helping in the kitchen. Maybe with the Cooking Together: Having Fun in the Kitchen with Your Kids cookbook, she'll be interested in more than just cookies.
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    I've read more Fancy Nancy than I ever dreamed possible. I'm so ready to move on. This Ivy and Bean's Treasure Box would help with that!
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    My imagination is sorely lacking, so when my daughter and I play Legos, I always build the same lame square house. I'm certain that The Lego Ideas Book would fix that!
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    We have and love the Playmobil Animal Hospital set and I'm hoping to add this Playmobil Take Along School to the mix.
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    The Crayola iMarker is so cool that I'm not sure I'd even share it with my daughter.
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    One of my favorite gifts as a child was my potholder loom kit. I can't wait to make pointless potholders with Katie!
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    Who could ever get tired of looking through a kaleidoscope? Not me.
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    I grew up in Maine and now live in California, where it just doesn't feel like Christmas without snow. With this Make Your Own Snowflake Kit, we can make some of our own!
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    I'm truly hoping that Santa brings us this Easy Bake Ultimate Oven. I had one as a child and remember baking up one inedible cake after another.
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    Although I didn't have one of my own, Spirograph was one of my favorite toys when I was little. I hope to get my hands on one this Christmas.
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    Where the Sidewalk Ends is simply a classic. I can't think of much I'd love to do more than get lost in Shel Silverstein's world with my daughter.
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    I had a Spin Art Machine when I was a child and ran out of paint and paper long before I ever got bored with it. Please bring this, Santa!
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    Blocks are a huge hit in our house, but I'd really love a change of pace. TinkerToy Classic Construction Set to the rescue, please!
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Now it’s your turn. Are there any toys you hope your children get for Christmas? Please share!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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