15 Things Parents are Superficially Thankful For

Can you believe Thanksgiving is already next week? How did that happen? One minute I’m breaking New Year’s resolutions and the next it’s Thanksgiving!

As we turn our attention toward giving thanks on this season of giving, let us not forget that gratitude comes in many forms. Blessings big and small, deep and superficial all deserve recognition and gratitude!

Thus, I’ve rounded up 15 things parents are superficially thankful for this holiday season (and every season) – after the jump!

  • Other people’s babies 1 of 15
    Other people's babies
    Thank goodness people keep having babies so we can hold them and love them and GIVE THEM BACK! Excuse me while I sleep through the night.
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  • Doors with locks 2 of 15
    Doors with locks
    Because adults reserve the right to get busy without an audience.
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  • DVRs 3 of 15
    No longer do we have to miss our favorite TV shows on account of Planet Sheen or other kid-obnoxious programming. Finally, TV on our schedule, and without commercials!
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  • Slow cookers 4 of 15
    Slow cookers
    You mean all we have to do is throw a bunch of random stuff in a large pot and come back 8 hours later to hearty deliciousness? Hells yeah!
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  • Drive-thrus 5 of 15
    We know, we know, your family doesn't eat fast food. Well, ours do. Have fun cleaning up those dishes. Convenience FTW!
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  • Stores that sell popcorn 6 of 15
    Stores that sell popcorn
    Because maybe we want to spend three hours shopping at Target for a bunch of cute stuff we don't need. If we give our kid a bag of popcorn, we can!
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  • TV 7 of 15
    Sure, parents love watching TV, but not nearly as much as we love our kids watching TV. Enjoy the silence.
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  • Drinky drinks 8 of 15
    Drinky drinks
    We pick our parental poison free of guilt because we earned it.
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  • Advice nurses 9 of 15
    Advice nurses
    Your kid is sick. Do you brave the blizzard outside to wait four hours in Emergency or do you just keep pushing fluids and watch your child closely? Because not every parent has a medical degree, we rely on the experience of advice nurses to make the medical judgment calls.
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  • Smart devices 10 of 15
    Smart devices
    For a $0.99 app we can keep our kid busy and quiet on a smart device? We'll take 100 apps please!
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  • Portable DVD players 11 of 15
    Portable DVD players
    Because long car trips are so much better when we can pass the miles with smiles.
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  • Coffee 12 of 15
    Because the morning beast doesn't tame himself.
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  • School 13 of 15
    Yes, it's wonderful that school provides education. It just so happens to also keep kids away from home all day.
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  • Grandparents 14 of 15
    Grandparents provide kids with undivided attention and offer a welcome break from parenthood!
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  • Online shopping 15 of 15
    Online shopping
    No more fighting for mall parking spaces or spending a fortune on gas. With a few clicks of our mouse, we're done holiday shopping!
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What are you superficially thankful for?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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