15 Things To Do This Summer That Will Help You Feel Like a Kid Again

There are many times where I’ve found myself all sorts of stressed out. Times where anxiety seems to be around every corner and large decisions have to be made. In those moments, I look over at my kids and see the innocence in their eyes. They don’t have a care in the world, apart from how they’re going to sneak another cookie out of the cupboard or gain access to the forbidden markers on the shelf.

I wish in some situations that I could transport myself back to that childhood innocence where I remember to have fun doing silly things, not feel strange about doing those silly things, and let the things I can’t control float into the wind. If there was a way to bottle that happy up and sell it, I have a feeling I would be a rich woman.

There are ways that we can recapture a little bit of those carefree days. Just remember what made you happy when you were a young child, watch what makes your kids’ eyes brighten, and then go and do those things for yourself.

There are a few things you should make a pact to do this summer. They will help you feel like that happy kid again.

  • 15 Activities That Will help You Feel Like a Kid Again 1 of 16
    15 Activities That Will help You Feel Like a Kid Again

    Break out of your adult rut and remind yourself of the fun and freedom of childhood.

  • Play in the Puddles 2 of 16

    Our kids seem to be drawn to the puddles left behind from the summer storms and there's no reason you can't go play too. Have fun seeing who can make the biggest splash or have a mini-water kick fight with the puddles. 

  • Climb Trees 3 of 16

    When was the last time you climbed a tree? If it's been a while, which I guess it has, find a nice, tall and strong tree and climb as far as you can (without getting stuck).

  • Ride a Bike 4 of 16

    Remember when you were young and you lived to feel the wind on your face as you raced fast on your new bike? Re-live that all again and get on two wheels and feel the speed. 

  • Re-read Your Favorite Book 5 of 16

    Was it "Are you there God? It's Me Margaret?" or maybe you were a huge fan of the Babysitters Club series, but re-reading those favorite teen classics will transport you right back to that time. 

  • Have a PB&J Picnic 6 of 16

    Take it back to when you were a kid and had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and juice boxes on your picnic by the playground. 

  • Wear Whatever You Want 7 of 16

    Kids love to put on what ever they want -- even if it's a costume. Don't let the fashion rules keep you from having fun -- put that costume on or that way-too-young-for-me-dress on and have fun outside. 

  • Stop the Ice Cream Truck 8 of 16

    Usually the fun sounds of the ice cream truck coming down the street has all the kids running. Have a little kid-fun yourself and get yourself a frozen treat too.

  • Play in the Mud 9 of 16

    Do you remember a time where getting dirty was actually fun? Go find a fun dirty mud pile and have fun like you would have when you were younger. It's good for the skin!

  • Race the Go-Karts 10 of 16

    Back before you could drive a car, heading to the nearest go-kart track was where you let off that driving steam. Go get that fun back and show off your improved driving skills. 

  • Play Hopscotch 11 of 16

    I remember spending so much time play hopscotch when I was younger. I would love to make elaborate jumps and new rules and spent hours outside. Re-live that for yourself and I bet you'll be smiling ear-to-ear.

  • Soar on the Swingset 12 of 16

    The freedom of flying in the air on the swings was one of my favorite things about being a kid in the summer. Find a nearby park that has swings perfect for you and test out your leg pumping and jumping off skills. You'll be there for hours. 

  • Music Throwback 13 of 16

    Find a play list of the top 40 songs back when you were a kid or teen and relive all the memories that will come flooding back!

  • Go to the Waterpark 14 of 16

    If you think those water slides are only for kids, you're wrong! Go have hours of fun yourself sliding down and diving into the water. 

  • Roller-coaster Scream 15 of 16

    Do you remember the theme parks you went to as a kid and how HUGE those roller-coasters looked? Go back and visit and tackle them all over again! Be sure that when you get off the ride, you run right back to the line. 

  • Visit the Arcade 16 of 16

    Oh how fun those games were when we were kids! Re-live your great game achievements and go get the high-scores again at the arcade!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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