15 Things You Should Never Say to a Mom of Multiples

My BFF is the mom of triplets. Yes, triplets. As in three children. Three children who are four years old. When I was pregnant with one, she was pregnant with three. I was only kidding myself when I’d complain to her about my sciatica; this had woman had pregnancy woes x 3.

I witnessed firsthand how being the mom of triplets wasn’t an easy gig. When I was stressing about waking in the middle of the night to feed BooBoo twice, my friend lived like a mombie for the better part of 2 years; fearing when one awoke, the others would follow — which they did.

And then there was the whole being in public thing. Often my girlfriend felt more like a freak show with her triplet stroller that attracted all kinds of unwanted attention. The stares, the glares, the daggers, the comments; it was unreal and often totally rude. Once she moved her gorgeous threesome from a triplet stroller to a three-car choo-choo wagon, the attention and curiosity followed.

While the public has always had a fascination with the science and wonder of multiples, there’s a lot to be said for basic human courtesy. Does the public have a right to toss decency out the window when curiosity is involved?

I asked my friend, along with other parents of multiples on Twitter, for the most offensive things said to them while out with their brood. Brace yourselves.

  • Are they natural? 1 of 15
    Are they natural?
    Well, let's see... They're human. They're living and breathing. I'd say yes, they are indeed natural living breathing human beings. 100% natural; nothing artificial.

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  • Did you do IVF? 2 of 15
    Did you do IVF?
    Or the wildly offensive, "Why did you decide to use so many eggs?" Why did you decide it was acceptable to ask me that?

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  • Ooo! I always wanted twins/triplets/quads! 3 of 15
    Ooo! I always wanted twins/triplets/quads!
    Really? Like really? You always wanted 2-4 infants at one time with the unique challenges and risks associated therein? Interesting...

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  • I think that one’s prettier/prettiest 4 of 15
    I think that one's prettier/prettiest
    You have got to be kidding me.

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  • Can you tell them apart? 5 of 15
    Can you tell them apart?
    No, they're only my children.

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  • My kid is so hard, he’s just like having multiples 6 of 15
    My kid is so hard, he's just like having multiples
    Please excuse me while I have my doubts.

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  • And you’re even wearing makeup! 7 of 15
    And you're even wearing makeup!
    OMG I know! It's totally amazing that I manage to do anything, what with all these children! Guess what? I even shave. Gasp!

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  • Did you know you were having twins/triplets/quads? 8 of 15
    Did you know you were having twins/triplets/quads?
    Can't say that I did. Nope, not a clue.

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  • I guess you’re done having kids now 9 of 15
    I guess you're done having kids now
    I guess that's a pretty bold assumption.

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  • If something happens to one, at least you have a spare! 10 of 15
    If something happens to one, at least you have a spare!
    Not funny. Like not even a little bit funny.

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  • Better you than me 11 of 15
    Better you than me
    Yeah, that's probably true.

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  • Can I take a picture of them? 12 of 15
    Can I take a picture of them?
    OMG really? Hell no.

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  • I’d shoot myself 13 of 15
    I'd shoot myself
    Or any other variation of, "I'd kill myself/I'd die if that happened to me." My children -all of my children - are a blessing.

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  • How are you going to afford… 14 of 15
    How are you going to afford...
    ...two/three/four cars and college educations at the same time? Did you think about that? Yeah, I think about it - just like every parent thinks about it.

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  • What do you think of Nadya Suleman/Kate Gosselin 15 of 15
    What do you think of Nadya Suleman/Kate Gosselin
    Every mother of multiples is supposed to have an authoritative opinion on these two. Most of us don't care.

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Are you a mom of multiples? Have any to add?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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