15 Ways to Connect With Your Child When You Have 15 Minutes

15 Ways to Connect With Your Child When You Have 15 MinutesWith the new year here, one thing I want to make more time for this year — to work on, is connecting more with my kids.

With so much going on — the kids in school now, me working and the crazy, business that is life there are times where I can feel so disconnected from them. I worry that I don’t give them enough attention and have this constant pull from one thing to the other. I am sure it’s something a lot of working parents can relate to and I wish most days I had more time in the day.

Since I don’t have more hours in the day, the best I can do is make the best of the time I do have. Going from having the kids home full time and being able to devote all my attention and time to them to now having the kids away in school for 8 hours plus me working, there are days (and I wish it wasn’t true) where there is so little time to connect, I take what I can — even just 15 minutes every few hours. It’s totally possible to connect with your kids with what seems like very little time, simple things that really can mean a lot.

Check out 15 ways you can connect with your kids when you only have 15 minutes:

  • Color a Picture 1 of 15
    Color a Picture
    It won't take a lot of time, but coloring a picture with your kid or drawing what you see is a great way to connect. It's one of my daughter's favorite thing to do and loves when we do it together.
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  • Dance to a Song 2 of 15
    Dance to a Song
    There is nothing better than a random dance party to a song to brighten the day. Out of no where, turn up your favorite tune and dance and be silly with your child. We like to listen to Britney Spears and dance like we're putting on a show.
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  • Ask Get-to-know-you Questions 3 of 15
    Ask Get-to-know-you Questions
    This is one of my favorite ways to connect with my kids and it doesn't take too much time. I like to ask questions like their favorite color, what they want to be when they grow up and they love to ask me as well. With my kids, their answers change a lot so it's always fun to see what they'll come up with.
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  • Write a Love Note 4 of 15
    Write a Love Note
    My daughter just recently did this for me and it was awesome. Just write a little note for your kid and spend time as they read it.
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  • Sing a Song 5 of 15
    Sing a Song
    A nursery rhyme, your favorite radio hit or make your own words, singing is a fun way to connect even when you're busy in the car.
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  • Tickle Fight 6 of 15
    Tickle Fight
    The sound of my kids laughter is one my most favorite things ever and it's even better when they can't help it. Connecting with my kids through a quick tickle fight always helps us stay connected.
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  • Cuddle on the Couch 7 of 15
    Cuddle on the Couch
    I like to make sure I do this individually with each of my kids. It's awesome for me and for them and there's no excuse why you can't fit this in.
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  • Tell Them You Love Them 8 of 15
    Tell Them You Love Them
    Do it a lot and often and show them you mean it with your actions as well. I love when my kids randomly tell me they love me.
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  • Play a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe or Rock-Paper-Scissors 9 of 15
    Play a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe or Rock-Paper-Scissors
    It's fun and watching my kids get better at the games and finding their own strategy is fun.
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  • Throw Around a Ball 10 of 15
    Throw Around a Ball
    Get active for 15 minutes and throw around (or kick) a ball indoors or outdoors.
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  • Hug and Kiss 11 of 15
    Hug and Kiss
    it's simple and yet it means so much.
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  • Read a Book 12 of 15
    Read a Book
    This is one of my favorite ways to connect with my kids and it's done wonders for their reading interest as well. We pick a few books, settle on the couch and read and read.
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  • Play a Board Game 13 of 15
    Play a Board Game
    You can have a quick game of Candy Land or an ongoing game of Chess. I am looking forward to when Speed can play chess with me!
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  • Ask About Their Day 14 of 15
    Ask About Their Day
    This is something we do daily and usually around the dinner table. We spend 15 minutes or so going around the table and each person talks about what they did that day. It's fun to watch the kids remember and it keeps us involved!
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  • Look at Family Pictures 15 of 15
    Look at Family Pictures
    My kids love looking at old pictures of each other when they were babies especially. We sit on the couch and scroll through fun videos and older pictures.
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