15 Ways to Support Movember Without Growing a Moustache

Movember is upon us, but you don’t need to be reminded, I’m guessing. The creepy stubble you see on the upper lip of men around the world is there to remind you that, yes, this month is going to be filled with lots of awkwardness.

The push seems to have hit quite the nerve in popular culture, as moustache accessories are everywhere. My son’s preschool even had “Moustache Day” last week where everyone wore fake staches, and finding a moustachey t-shirt wasn’t a problem.

Men’s health is an important issue that needs awareness. What originally started as a push to have men get their prostates checked has turned into a huge umbrella fundraiser that is also helping testicular cancer and mental health initiatives. All important endeavours.

Just as everything was pink last month, everything has a moustache on it this month.

Even if you can’t grow a Mo (kids and moms, I’m looking at you), you can still support Movember by sporting something with a moustache motif. And while you’re at it, remind the men doing the fundraising and the growing to get checked.

  • Have A Moustache Party 1 of 15
    How To Celebrate Movember Without Growing A Moustache

    How's that for a photo bomb?! My little Charlie finds the fur a little itchy and blasts a sneeze at his pre-school's moustache party.

  • Pin One On 2 of 15

    This is the absolute easiest way to show your Movmeber support. Just pin one on your jacket. Everyone will see it. Everyone will know what it's about. And you don't have to grow the Mo to spread awareness and help raise money.

    Get it from Zazzle for $4

  • Moustache Mugs 3 of 15

    The perfectly easy way to participate by having a "mugstache" every morning.

    Get them from Peter Ibreugger. They also come in ginger. 😉

  • Car Stache 4 of 15

    I've seen Rudolph red noses for cars at Christmas, and I've seen antlers for the windows, and I've seen eyelashes for headlights, but I hadn't seen these before. Yup, it's a car moustache.

    Get it from Karma Stache for $29.99

  • La Moustache 5 of 15

    What a perfect way to celebrate at a Movember Moustache Party. Have everyone over and pop in this French movie about a man and his imaginary moustache.


    Marc has had a moustache the entire 15 years he's been married. One morning, he asks his wife if he should shave it off. She says no, but he does anyway ... and then things get weird.


    IMDB: "When he sees his wife, she doesn't notice, neither do their friends at dinner that night, neither do his co-workers. Marc finally flips out, shouts at everyone, tells them he's tired of their little joke, and what do they really think. His wife and co-workers are appalled, what is he talking about, he's never had a mustache. In fact, he's imagining other things as well, or is he?"

    Get it from Target for $19.99

  • Moustache Shot Glasses 6 of 15

    These are so cute and would make a great gift for a Movember team that successfully makes it through the month of moustache wearing.

    Get them from Peter Ibreugger

  • Moustache Sweater 7 of 15

    Your daughter can show her support for Dad's stache with this cute sweater.

    Get it from Target for $14.99

  • Moustache Sandwiches 8 of 15

    The kids can have a moustache every day for lunch to match daddy's with these cute crustache cutters.

    Get it at the Neato Shop for $6.45

  • Mac Stickers 9 of 15

    I love notebook stickers. I've had some beautiful ones that just become conversation pieces. People stop in the coffee shop and ask where you got it, why you have it, etc. That's what Movember is about — awareness and spreading the cause. This will do that.

    Get it from Mac Stickrs for $6.99

  • Downloadable Moustaches 10 of 15

    You can download these printables to cut up for fun art projects with the kids at the kitchen table, or to use the vector images as clip art for your Facebook profile, Twitter handle, or Pinterest page.

    Download them from Rants and Raves.

  • Moustache Socks 11 of 15

    Silly socks for men are a big trend right now. You look all perfect in a suit, sit down at a meeting, cross your leg, and ... VOILA! something strange. Maybe they're bright pink, or polka dotted, or ... moustached.

    Get them from Target for $3

  • Wine Not? 12 of 15

    Girls' night in for wine can have a special moustachey flair with this wine opener.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.59

  • Moustache Chalkboard 13 of 15

    This is a great way to get moustachey at home. Stick these chalkboard wall decals near the fridge or by the front door, and have a fun way to share messages with the family.

    Get it from Target for $17.99

  • Support Diabetes Month 14 of 15

    Diabetes Awareness Month is also in November — although without the millions of moustaches to attract attention. I'm doing a donation exchange in my blog. For every donation to Team Diabetes in November, I will donate an equal amount to Movember teams. One donation turns into two, and both causes get the respect they deserve.

  • Get Checked 15 of 15

    Men around the age of 40 should go to their doctor for a PSA test. It's not the glove, it's a simple blood test that sees if you have the markers for prostate cancer. It takes 5 minutes. In 2011, I was part of a Guinness World Record number of men who had their PSA levels checked in a day. Nearly 1000 of us rolled up our sleeves. Movember is about awareness as much as fundraising, so get your man checked!

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