16 T Shirts That Shouldn’t Be In The Kids’ Section

“If it’s black, it goes back.”

That’s the motto of my wife when we go shopping for clothes for our boys.  “Black is such an angry color,” she says. “Why would anyone want to dress their kids in black?”

As with any rule, there is an exception – the Batman costumes that seem to be omnipresent in our house since Christmas.  Outside that bit of black, though, our boys are dressed in bright stripes, and happy colors.

Orange is a popular choice. The idea is the brighter the clothes on the kids, the easier to spot they’ll be when we’re out in public. Fair enough. I also love how my boys can put on the wildest, silliest, clashiest combinations and it somehow works.  Own it while you can, kiddos.

That all said, here’s a collection of the worst clothes anyone could buy their kids. Check out 16 shirts that definitely should NOT be in the kids’ section.

  • Worst Shirts For Kids 1 of 17
    Worst Shirts For Kids
    Get ready for the Parental Advisory label, here are 16 terrible shirts marketed at kids (and these are just the ones I could print!)
  • Nipple Tassels 2 of 17
    Nipple Tassels
    British designer, Suzy Warren says "The Nipple Tassel t-shirt was designed as a response to my own distaste at seeing mini versions of sexy clothes on young children." So she kicked it up a notch. Irony?
    Image via Twisted Twee
  • B is for Beer 3 of 17
    B is for Beer
    Another classy shirt from Suzy Warren. She says B is "the second letter of the modern child-unfriendly alphabet." It's also for beer.
    Image via Twisted Wee
  • Elmo Mustache Rides 4 of 17
    Elmo Mustache Rides
    This one might have been funny a year ago. Now? Ick.
    Image via Deuce Radio
  • Kiss The Rim 5 of 17
    Kiss The Rim
    This shirt found in Target may be about getting up high and trying a slam dunk on the court, but the double entendre is thick.
    Image via PicShag
  • What Did You Do Today? 6 of 17
    What Did You Do Today?
    Warren says this comment is "harsh but true." Okay, yes, kids do "nothing" all day - but is a shirt like this funny or art or even necessary?
    Image via Twisted Wee
  • Just Say No 7 of 17
    Just Say No
    No means no means no. When 10 and 11 year olds are being arrested for fully understanding what it means to plot to rape and kill a classmate, do we need shirts like this?
    Image via Imgur
  • Fisting 8 of 17
    I'm almost willing to cut this one some slack. Maybe they meant "Fist-Pumping" in a Jersey Shore kinda way. But that's not what this shirt says.
    Image via Neowin
  • Stabby McKnife 9 of 17
    Stabby McKnife
    This is actually a Threadless tshirt targeted at the College crowd, but the message?? Way offside.
    Image via Imgur
  • Jail Bait 10 of 17
    Jail Bait
    There is no way to interpret this other than Lolita-esque. Wow.
    Image via Imgur
  • Porn Star 11 of 17
    Porn Star
    Maybe this was lost in translation? Is it supposed to be an ode to bacon proclaiming one is a "Pork Star"? No, it's just another terrible t shirt.
    Image via Imgur
  • Don’t Grope/Grape Me 12 of 17
    Don't Grope/Grape Me
    Is this don't "grape" me or don't "grope" me? Either way, no thanks.
    Image via Imgur
  • McBoobies 13 of 17
    When worn by Moms in a Breast Cancer walk, this shirt works. When sold to kids at a dairy farm, it doesn't.
    Image via Imgur
  • Witch 14 of 17
    Underlining the Mean Girls motif, why make friends when you can taunt enemies?
    Image via Dandelion In Spring
  • Hung 15 of 17
    Onesies for infants are often filled with silly phrases. This one works as a gag gift for a shower, but would you really put it on your kid in public?
    Image via ExcuseMeme
  • Big Head 16 of 17
    Big Head
    Really? I mean REALLY?!?!
    Image via ExcuseMeme
  • Boob Man 17 of 17
    Boob Man
    Double entendre taken a few steps too far. Again.
    Image via ExcuseMeme

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