17 Hilarious Letters to Santa Written by Children

One of easiest and most inconspicuous ways to figure out what your children want for Christmas is to encourage them to write a letter to Santa. This way, you learn what is topping their list this season and they get to experience the excitement that comes with correspondence with the big guy.

Sometimes this letter writing can take a turn for the hilarious. I’ve gathered 17 of the funniest letters to Santa written by children.

Read them after the jump and prepare for a laugh.

  • At least she’s honest 1 of 17
    At least she's honest
    Dear santa, It's not necessary to get me a toy, but if you do I would like a surprise (again). I've been some what bad so I understand if you don't get me anything. I love what you got me last year. Thank you!
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  • This kid is skeptical 2 of 17
    This kid is skeptical
    Dear Santa, Does roodolf really have a shiny red nose? Do you have real elves? Please answer all my queschins. Merry Christmas, Santa!
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  • Santa hasn’t been to church in a while 3 of 17
    Santa hasn't been to church in a while
    Dear Santa and 8 Reindeer, I hope you will come again. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. We have a fire. You can't come down our fireplace chimney. I have left you some cookies and candy, and a glass of milk. We made some decorations and I haven't seen you in church. We hung our stockings up and bowling pins. We got some dollies from grandma and grandpa. Merry Christmas. Love, Cynthia
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  • Just a castle No big deal 4 of 17
    Just a castle No big deal
    Dear Santa, I want a castle. I've been a good girl.
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  • So that’s where babies come from 5 of 17
    So that's where babies come from
    Dear Santa, This is my wish list. I want a newborn baby, a furbee, and a Xbrane yo yo. You get the rest.
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  • Just a bit bossy 6 of 17
    Just a bit bossy
    Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year. I would like for Christmas a pillow pet unicorn, a tangled doll, purple leapster explorer. Since you buy me a lot you can pick the rest. Just no boy presents. Lily is my sister and Luke is my brother. They are good but sometimes they make bad choices. Lily wants blocks, shopping cart, and play dough. She already has enough stuff. Luke wants trains and play dough. He wants nothing else. Can you please water our tree when you come to our house. I do not like you to come upstairs to my room.
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  • Tom doesn’t want much 7 of 17
    Tom doesn't want much
    Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like everything in the whole entire world, even girl stuff. Love, Tom
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  • Excellent question 8 of 17
    Excellent question
    Dear Santa, Merry Christmas! You probably know my Christmas list, so I don't think I will write the whole thing. Have I been good this year? I hope that I'm on the good list! You know on the Dominos Pizza ad for buffalo wings? How do you eat them without staining your gloves? And on the Target ad, they say you shop there. I know you don't shop. This year, as usual, I'm leaving out cookies and milk. If you can eat buffalo wings without staining your gloves, you can last through cookies and milk. Love, Kristen P.
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  • Don’t rush, Santa 9 of 17
    Don't rush, Santa
    Dear Santa, I hope you aren't tired after going to all those far away houses. Don't be in a rush to get to the far away places because, just think, you will have eleven whole months to rest and take naps! Love, Kiera
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  • More than a fairy will be your friend if Santa makes you a billionaire 10 of 17
    More than a fairy will be your friend if Santa makes you a billionaire
    Dear Santa, I know that you might not get this mail and respond, but here is what I want for Christmas: 1. a laptop 2. a free internet cell phone 3. a fairy friend (a fairy willing to be my friend) 4. a V.I.P. tour of Big Time Rush 5 a BTR James t-shirt 6. a nintendo DS and Nintendo DS games 7. and I want to help you deliver presents in your sleigh 8. 1 billion dollars 9. one of those little scooters.
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  • This kid is practical 11 of 17
    This kid is practical
    Santa, This year I would like a porcelain doll and a hot water bottle. Love, Luna
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  • Eclectic taste 12 of 17
    Eclectic taste
    Dear Santa, I want banoculers (binoculars) and a box of chocolates and Legos and a Wii and boxers and a frone (phone) and a iPad and a camera. Love, Thomas
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  • Just a bit disturbing 13 of 17
    Just a bit disturbing
    Dear Santa, I would like a chainsaw. Love, Keenan
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  • What a sweet kid 14 of 17
    What a sweet kid
    Please give hot wheels to a boy who doesn't have toys.
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  • Mom is stingy 15 of 17
    Mom is stingy
    Dear Santa, I love you. Thanks you for all that you do. Thank you for this year's presents and the year before's presents. Please enjoy the cookies and milk. Please give this carrot to one of your reindeer. (I would have given you carrots for all of them, but I only had a few and my mom said just one.) You are so nice to do this every year. You are the greatest. Please write back.
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  • When imaginary figures collide 16 of 17
    When imaginary figures collide
    Dear Santa, The tooth fairy is coming the same night and I have a plate of cookies for you. Love, Carolyn
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  • Easy to please 17 of 17
    Easy to please
    For Santa, Please bring me a bionicle. Any bionicle is fine. Don't make it too hard on yourself. From Zeb
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