17 Hilariously Desperate Letters From Kids At Summer Camp

How are you doing with your kids being away at Summer Camp?

For some, it’s an absolute pleasure, for others it’s a little tougher. I tell ya, we had one of our boys just hanging at his friends house for the evening and we looked at ourselves and just sighed at how peaceful and easy it was with just the youngest.

Charlie, on the other hand, was terribly lost without his big brother buddy. It’s a win/lose proposition, but I think we all agree that Summer Camp is an awesome time once you get over the little heartbreaking hurdles.

Summer Camp can be a kids’ version of Survivor, their own personal quest without the luxuries of home. While it may only last a week, or two, it may as well be 39 days on a deserted island. One of the most emotional points on Survivor is the time when the loved ones visit, or send letters. Same thing for kids at Summer Camp.

Some letters from kids at summer camp, however, are not as emotionally heart tugging as you might think. As you wait for your own kids to go away for their time in the woods, or come home after their fireside experience, you might want to pick up the book PS I Hate It Here, a collection of letters kids wrote home from camp. Scroll through some of the best/worst and have your fears eased/heightened.

You’re welcome.

  • PS I Still Hate It Here 1 of 18
    17 Desperate Letters From Kids At Summer Camp

    Actually, there are two books filled with hilarious letters from summer camp. Kids can't stop writing them and author Diane Falanga can't stop compiling them.

    Get it at Amazon for $2.18

  • Plunge A Toilet 2 of 18

    The best part about kids? Absolutely no filter.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Editor 3 of 18

    I'm guessing someone edited this one before it was sent home. Does the NSA look at camp letters too?

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • David Downer 4 of 18

    Well, perhaps David would have had better luck at summer school than summer camp.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Bang 5 of 18

    If your kid gets upset about killing things, you probably should avoid camps with guns.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Downhill 6 of 18

    This started so promising, and then just .. well .. goes downhill. Perseverance is a lesson best learned without keys to your trunk.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Eggs 7 of 18

    Now, how did that exactly get there? (HINT: I'm not talking about the lisp when he says "eggs.")

     Image via PS I Hate It Here

  • Got It? 8 of 18

    Olivia would love it if you would enroll her in camp again next month.

    Image via PS I Hate It Here

  • Wind Up Flashlight 9 of 18

    Harry needs a new flashlight because he likes showing off the bone protruding from his leg while he tells ghost stories around the camp fire.

    Image via PS I Hate It Here

  • Pets And Pickles 10 of 18

    When your kid has been away from technology so long they starting talking to themselves in letters.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • David The Great 11 of 18

    Pencils are no good for writing letters, as David The Great demonstrates above.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Stuck In Hell 12 of 18

    Sorry son, I didn't know the phone number to 'hell', but I'm glad they have postal service.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Allergic To Camp 13 of 18

    Well, Eryn, it would seem the doctor is trying to help you.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Clean Undies 14 of 18

    What's with stolen flashlights at camp?  Good job on the underwear kid, momma's proud.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Point Of Weakness 15 of 18

    Maya knows how to play her parents. Grab Mom when she misses you most and hit her with the big request.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Chuck 16 of 18

    You might want to make some appointments for Chuck on the couch. He might have some issues.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • G2G 17 of 18

    Which one is the "friendless state" anyway?  Can't be Virginia, it's for lovers.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here

  • Homesick 18 of 18

    How homesick? I'm actually vomitting homes. Awesome.

    Image via PS I Still Hate It Here


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