18 Pictures of People Having a More Magical Holiday Than You

Yeah, yeah, the holidays are supposed to be magical. We know this because TV and Pinterest tell us so. If you’ve ever attempted to create the perfect holiday experience for your family, the Clark Griswold in you knows how that turned out.

Christmas hams get burned, children suffer meltdowns, and husbands buy wives blenders. This stuff happens every year…or does it?

For folks living in the land of stock photography, the holidays are a magnificent time filled with wonder, glee, and more magical magic than you and I will ever experience in our collective lifetimes.

Take a look at 18 pictures of people having a way more magical holiday than you (or I, or anyone…except maybe Oprah):

  • Juggle bells, juggle bells 1 of 18
    Juggle bells, juggle bells
    Wee! Look at me juggle these tiny golden gifts while stars levitate around me!
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • A magical gift 2 of 18
    A magical gift
    Either the whole family just unwrapped a 1000w lighting ballast, or they've in fact uncovered Christmas magic. I vote lighting ballast.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Snowball fight 3 of 18
    Snowball fight
    A young attractive couple engages in a snowball fight while their equally adorable offspring looks adorably into the camera. I'm calling cyborg toddler.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Surprise! 4 of 18
    Magic and wonder (and snowflakes and fancy winter swirls) are sure to make this a Christmas gift she'll never forget! (Imagine her disappointment when she discovers it's a just a paper weight.)
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • It’s raining presents! 5 of 18
    It's raining presents!
    Forget about the hassle of shopping at the mall! In the land of stock photography it rains presents! We don't even have to worry about sharp corners!
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Snow baby 6 of 18
    Snow baby
    No fair! I usually get gum and lip balm in my stocking!
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Money, money, money! 7 of 18
    Money, money, money!
    Profits are up in international markets! Put your hands in the air and carelessly toss international currency like you just don't care!
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Never have I ever… 8 of 18
    Never have I ever...
    ...gone holiday shopping in a Santa hat NOR been this happy to charge my credit card. Clearly this is how the other half lives.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • ZOMG! 9 of 18
    Wow, I've never been this excited about anything -- wait, except for the one time I got to shop at Target all by myself. Never mind.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Enchanting tale 10 of 18
    Enchanting tale
    Yes, reading is magical. Apparently it's also full of snowflakes and incantation. As for mom's leopard halter, I have no words.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Winter Wonderland 11 of 18
    Winter Wonderland
    No, this isn't a musical on Broadway, just folks who are reeeeally happy it's winter.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Gnome Santa baby 12 of 18
    Gnome Santa baby
    OK, so maybe this picture doesn't have anything to do with anything. But it's a gnome. And a Santa baby. Who's floating. Awesome.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • This guy 13 of 18
    This guy
    OK, so this guy isn't a person, but he's sure as hell having a better Christmas than any pet I know.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Family Christmas dinner 14 of 18
    Family Christmas dinner
    What?! You don't see what's so magical about this family dinner? Hello, wife isn't giving mother-in-law the stink-eye. A true Christmas miracle!
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • A baby for Christmas! 15 of 18
    A baby for Christmas!
    You guys, I want a happy baby dressed as Santa for Christmas too! Lucky.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Jump for joy! 16 of 18
    Jump for joy!
    And to think I only jump when I see a spider.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Perfect winter perfection 17 of 18
    Perfect winter perfection
    Damn, even the snowman is handsome!
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Pixie wonderland 18 of 18
    Pixie wonderland
    This has to be what sledding in Pixie Hallow looks like. What up, Tinkerbell!
    Image credit: Shutterstock

Has your holiday EVER looked this good?

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