18 Things Every Kid Should Experience This Fall

It’s been a long, hot summer! Thank goodness crisp, cool fall is nearly upon us.

There’s never been a better time to rediscover the wonder and beauty of fall with all the colors, tastes, smells, and warmhearted experiences perfectly ripe for harvest.

Make this the most abundant season yet with these 18 things every kid should experience this fall after the jump!

  • Get crafty 1 of 18
    Get crafty
    There's so much beauty to celebrate come fall! Get your craft on with Babble's 22 fabulous fall craft tutorials!
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  • Visit a farm stand or farmers market 2 of 18
    Visit a farm stand or farmers market
    Enjoy the bountiful harvest of the season with the freshest and most colorful produce to be found! Your kids will love choosing farm-fresh veggies for your family's table.
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  • Bake something yummy 3 of 18
    Bake something yummy
    Round up your kitchen helpers and fill the house with scent of fall! Check out Babble's 30 pumpkin desserts for the holidays!
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  • Make soup from scratch 4 of 18
    Make soup from scratch
    There's nothing more comforting or inviting than a fresh batch of homemade soup on a crisp fall day. Need a little inspiration? Take a look at Babble's 10 simple and comforting fall soup recipes!
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  • Visit a pumpkin patch! 5 of 18
    Visit a pumpkin patch!
    Aside from being the perfect backdrop for fall family photos, pumpkin patches are a great way to get everyone excited about fall fun!
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  • Roast pumpkin seeds 6 of 18
    Roast pumpkin seeds
    Don't let those gooey pumpkin insides go to waste! Season and roast them for the ultimate fall snack. Check out Babble's roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt recipe and enjoy!
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  • Carve pumpkins 7 of 18
    Carve pumpkins
    After you've chosen your favorite pumpkins, carve funny or scary faces into them and make them your own. An absolute fall must!
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  • Jump in a pile of fall leaves 8 of 18
    Jump in a pile of fall leaves
    Fall wouldn't be the same without jumping into a soft bed of crunchy leaves!
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  • Visit a corn maze 9 of 18
    Visit a corn maze
    Most often found as part of fall festivals, corn mazes are an exciting adventure for the whole family!
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  • Go apple picking 10 of 18
    Go apple picking
    Visit an apple orchard with the family and select the perfect crisp apples to make hot apple cider!
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  • Family football 11 of 18
    Family football
    Get your family off the couch and outside for a friendly game of touch football! Touchdown!
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  • Drink hot apple cider 12 of 18
    Drink hot apple cider
    Crisp autumn weather just begs for hot apple cider to warm up chilly insides.
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  • Take a fall color hike 13 of 18
    Take a fall color hike
    Enjoy the turning of the season with your family on a gorgeous fall color hike. Collect beautiful leaves to press in a book for the perfect memento.
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  • Plant flower bulbs 14 of 18
    Plant flower bulbs
    Fall's the perfect time to plant tulips, daffodil, and hyacinth bulbs to bloom next spring!
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  • Attend your local high school’s homecoming game 15 of 18
    Attend your local high school's homecoming game
    Kick off the season right by supporting your local high school's football team!
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  • Go on a fall bike ride 16 of 18
    Go on a fall bike ride
    Grab the family and two-wheel your way to fun on a gorgous fall bike ride!
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  • Prepare for winter 17 of 18
    Prepare for winter
    Pump up the volume on your family's favorite tunes (too soon for Christmas music?) and break out the warm blankets, sweaters, and boots just in time for winter!
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  • Visit a haunted house 18 of 18
    Visit a haunted house
    Not a real haunted house! A pretend haunted house where the thrills are spooky and fun.
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Did we miss anything? What else should kids experience this fall?


Celebrate the season with these colorful fall crafts for kids!

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