18 Things My Kids Are Growing Up With That I Didn't

Last week I made myself feel really old by rounding up the things that I grew up with that my kids wont. Talk about a serious blast through the past! I started to feel a bit sad that what I grew up with was pretty different then what my kids would experience. I had some amazing times, great experiences and those items were at one point or another a part of that great time.

Then my mind switched — you know my kids don’t have it so bad either. They are growing up with some pretty kick-butt-awesome things too. Technology that will make their lives way easier and way more fun.

Click through for 18 things my kids will experience growing up that I didn’t:

  • Knowing What Everyone’s Doing 1 of 18
    Knowing What Everyone's Doing
    Oh back in the day - having to pick up a phone to find out what's been going on. None of that will be had by my kids - not with Facebook now.
    Image: Flickr
  • Renting a Movie Through TV 2 of 18
    Renting a Movie Through TV
    There is no more need to leave the house to rent a movie. Growing up I remember us all piling into the car and driving to go. Now our kids just click a few buttons.
    Image: Flickr
  • Quiet, Electric, Tiny Cars 3 of 18
    Quiet, Electric, Tiny Cars
    I still remember the first time I saw one of these 'smart cars'. I giggled because seriously -- it's so small! My kids will be growing up with these not being so out of place.
    Image: Flickr
  • Being Able To Find Anything Out 4 of 18
    Being Able To Find Anything Out
    remember encyclopedias? Finding the right edition for the letter you need? My kids can find out almost anything with a few clicks and search terms.
    Image: wikipedia
  • Tiny Computers 5 of 18
    Tiny Computers
    I remember the first laptop I have ever seen. It was huge and bulky but tiny at the time. For my kids the biggest thing they will see likely is the iPads -- though not laptops they are capable of a LOT.
    Image: Flickr
  • Bite, Chew, Swallow 6 of 18
    Bite, Chew, Swallow
    I don't know the last time I saw a seedless watermelon. When I was growing up I remember that I loved them but seriously hated sifting through the seeds. My kids don't have to grow up with that.
    Image: Flickr
  • Not Having To Rinse Before Loading 7 of 18
    Not Having To Rinse Before Loading
    My kids are lucky that not only will they not grow up having to wash the dishes by hand, they won't have to pre-rinse the dishes before loading. Lucky kids!
    Image: Flickr
  • Paying for the Groceries 8 of 18
    Paying for the Groceries
    I see them in almost every store now - the self-check outs. My kids love to go through them -- they love to 'bleep' the groceries themselves. I would have loved this as a kid too!
    Image: Flickr
  • Accessing Internet on the Go 9 of 18
    Accessing Internet on the Go
    I grew up with dial up. Mega slow and certainly not the easiest to deal with. My kids will not know any of that now that we can access the web where ever we are using 4G/5G .. who know's what it will be next.
    Image: Flickr
  • Watching Television in 3D 10 of 18
    Watching Television in 3D
    When I was growing up I thought that DVD's were like the coolest thing ever. My kids get to grow up with 3D televisions...
    Image: Flickr
  • Paperless Books 11 of 18
    Paperless Books
    This one makes me a bit sad really. I hope that my kids will continue to enjoy real paper books but they are going to be growing up in a world with e-readers.
    Image: Flickr
  • The No-Work Vacuum 12 of 18
    The No-Work Vacuum
    Ahh the Roomba. I grew up afraid of the vacuum (don't laugh) so I am not sure if I would have liked this one. The kids get to grow up with many having this (or those huge bagless vacuums) being the norm.
    Image: Flickr
  • Watching the Weird, Awesome and Funny 13 of 18
    Watching the Weird, Awesome and Funny
    With YouTube you don't have to wait to find something to do. There is always entertainment to be had when surfing YouTube.
    Image: Flickr
  • Professional Quality Camera Gear 14 of 18
    Professional Quality Camera Gear
    Gone are the days of taking film in and having to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars for professional gear. Now, everyone can feel like a photographer with the affordable DSLR cameras
    Image: Flickr
  • Organic at the Corner Store 15 of 18
    Organic at the Corner Store
    I can't imagine that kids really care about this one directly but indirectly I bet they do. If your kids live in a family that likes to eat organic they don't have to be dragged around to far off markets to find produce. Many stores sell them now.
    Image: Flickr
  • Lazy Teeth Brushing 16 of 18
    Lazy Teeth Brushing
    My kids get to grow up with a tool that may help them fear the dentist less. There is less work for them to get a good scrub and that would have been a nice thing growing up.
    Image: Flickr
  • Accessing Everything From Your Pocket 17 of 18
    Accessing Everything From Your Pocket
    I do not know what I did before I had a smart phone and my kids likely won't ever know that. Growing up I had to wait to get home to the computer before doing something - or calling someone from the home phone. Kids will laugh at that.
    Image: Flickr
  • Playing Realistic Video Games 18 of 18
    Playing Realistic Video Games
    Gone are the day's of the 8-bit from our day - our kids are now growing up with very realistic games.
    Image: Flickr

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