18 Things We Miss About Being A Kid

Having kids lets you reset the game. You now have an excuse to do all those silly things that kids get to do because, well, you’re a parent and you’re trying to entertain your kids.

Being a parent is license to relive childhood. Go head, hit control-alt-delete on your life and relish in the opportunity to be a child again and live life with reckless abandon alongside, and vicariously through, your kids.

Be naked. Pout. Ride the coaster 5 times in a row. Actually, you probably shouldn’t. Which is why having kids can be bitter sweet. We have the chance to relive childhood, but it also highlights all those wonderful things we miss about being a kid.

Every now and again you just watch your kids and sigh. “Oh, to be like that again.” While having kids lets you relive all the magic and wonder of childhood, it also clearly shows you are no longer a child yourself.

While there are many things we miss about being a kid, click through these 18 things see how many you can recapture with your kids before summer is over.

  • 18 Things We Miss About Being A Kid 1 of 19
    18 Things We Miss About Being A Kid

    From amusement park rides, to being naked... get ready to reminisce.

  • Chasing the Ice Cream Truck 2 of 19

    How badly do you wish you were doing this right now? No shoes, only 1 sock, full tilt after an ice cream truck. Yes please.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Face Painting 3 of 19

    Well, grown-ups still get this one on at sporting events and concerts, but there's something totally random and awesome about getting face painted, just because.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Crazy Hair Day At School 4 of 19

    Sure, some days are "crazy hair day" in the carpool line, but that's just because you didn't have time to shower before dropping the kids at school. Doing it because you want to, and revelling in the craziness is kid awesomeness.

    Image via Steve R

  • Sliding Down Stairs 5 of 19

    This was the inspiration for the list. My son bounced down the stairs on his butt, and I sighed... how I miss being able to do that.

    Image via Melissa Gutierrez

  • Superhero Costumes 6 of 19

    Sure, they make them in adult sizes, but wear them outside Halloween and you get a funny look. When you're a kid you get to be Batman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man every. single. day.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Running Everywhere 7 of 19

    I actually think it's physically impossible for a kid to stay still, or just walk. They always need to be doing something exceptional. Running in the mall, running in the grocery store, running across a bridge. Go ahead, run after them—it's fun.

    Image via David Dennis

  • Infinite Possibility 8 of 19

    There is no "what if" when you're a kid. They're still in that beautiful sweet spot. That blissful ignorance of negativity where the world offers nothing but possibility.

    Image via Dave C.

  • Riding The Roller Coaster 9 of 19

    When I was a kid, the only thing that kept me off a coaster was fear. Now, it's my stomach. Even two twirls on a kiddie coaster and I'm done. The little guys? They'd never get off if they could.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Recess 10 of 19

    A coffee in the lobby of your office building is not the same as tag, bounceball, hula hoop, and just running around outside with your friends.

    Image via Will Kay

  • Skipping 11 of 19

    Kids are the heads of the department of funny walks. If it's not running, it's something else. I went golfing with my son and he randomly started skipping down the fairway flapping his arms. Just because. Awesome.

    Image via CJ Sorg

  • Not Afraid Of Being Naked 12 of 19

    My kids love to play "naked baby!" They run around the house letting it all hang out, laughing the whole way. No inhibitions, no care, they just love being naked.

    Image via Todd Morris

  • Bathtub Toys 13 of 19

    You can relax in a bath as an adult, but it's just not the same without a tub full of toys. Trains, ducks, boats, scuba dudes, whatever. Bath time wasnt a chore to get clean, it was just another place to let the imagination run wild in an ocean world.

    Image via Gordon

  • New Jammies 14 of 19

    New clothes are the worst gift ever when you're a kid, unless... it's new jammies.

    Image via Crimfants

  • Ice Cream 15 of 19

    Oh sure, you can have ice cream any time, but when you're a kid you're not worrying about your metabolism to work it off.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Pouting 16 of 19

    Oh, the pout. Don't you wish you could work the magic of having big saucer eyes and a pathetic sad pout that instantly brought pity upon you when you did something wrong? I so miss having this magic superpower.

    Image via JpegWallpapers

  • Asking To Do It “Again!” 17 of 19

    Again! Again! Again! Say one joke, do one trick, anything that is fun and the kids ask .. AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! Well, unless Daddy scares them on the log ride 🙂

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Running Through The Sprinkler 18 of 19

    When you're a kid, the sprinkler is awesome. It's just a spray of water, but it somehow becomes part of a wild summer circus where running through it brings the simplest, and greatest joy.

    Image via David K

  • Comfortable Everywhere 19 of 19

    When you're a kid, you're a flexible pretzel. My brother and I used to spend 3 hours on Saturday mornings playing Monopoly under my old change table. I swear it wasn't even 3 feet wide and we BOTH fit under there cross legged for hours.

    Image via Dionne Hinchcliffe

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