18 Truths That Only Youngest Siblings Know

When I shared BuzzFeed’s 17 Truths That Only Eldest Siblings¬†Know with Boy Wonder, together we had a hearty laugh. As eldest sibs, we agreed that while being first-born holds its share of perks, the inevitable dark side of unrealistic expectations and inexperienced parenting snafus tended to level out the playing field, at least a little.

But BooBoo doesn’t see it that way. To him, all the glory (and rights and privileges contained therein) belong to he who was born first. And as a result, I have to work a little harder to understand BooBoo’s struggle as the baby of our family.

  • Oh, Baby! 1 of 19

    Take a look at 18 truths that only youngest siblings know, because coming in last pretty much sucks.

  • You only wore hand-me-down clothing 2 of 19
    Self dressing

    Your clothes had stains and holes you didn't make. They also didn't fit you very well. Why? Because they weren't purchased with you in mind, and met their premature demise on account of glitter glue, ice cream spills, and playground wear and tear long before they ever made their way into your wardrobe rotation.

  • You spent your entire childhood plotting your revenge 3 of 19
    Picture 268

    You were pretty sure you'd never be old enough, tall enough, or strong enough to do the things your older siblings did and that sucked big time. After you got mad, you decided to get even, plotting your revenge on your older, "luckier" siblings and parents because you should have been born first!

  • No one got excited when you learned something new 4 of 19

    No one celebrated or told a soul when you learned to use the potty or tie your own shoes lightyears ahead of your siblings, because duh, your parents have been there, done that.

  • Younger adorable kids made you insanely jealous 5 of 19

    Yeah, yeah, little ones are cute, but look at you! You're totally cuter. Hey, everybody, look at meeeeeee!

  • You didn’t get a baby book 6 of 19
    Picture 1651

    Your older sibling got a baby book that may have even been filled in a little. You? You got nothin', which leaves you wondering: if a person grows up without a baby book, we're they ever really a baby?

  • Everything you thought about dressing like your siblings was wrong 7 of 19

    You loved any opportunity to dress like your older siblings. Look at you, all cool-like! Why isn't your older brother as excited as you are? Oh, right, because it's lame.

  • You’ll always be the baby 8 of 19

    No matter how big or how old you get, you'll always be the baby and everybody will always treat you that way. Forget about making important family or personal life decisions, they got you covered.

  • Your older siblings tortured you 9 of 19

    You've been roughed up, tossed around, blamed, and farted on. And here you foolishly thought things would change once you grew up!

  • You’ll never measure up 10 of 19

    Your older siblings were always smarter, stronger, bigger, and bolder than you. You'll spend your whole life subconsciously trying to one-up them and they couldn't care less.

  • Your older siblings will always be the boss of you 11 of 19

    Whether you're 15 or 55, your older sibling will always be the puppeteer of your marionette. Not only did your parents make them promise to take care of you, they like the power.

  • You’re always wrong 12 of 19

    Your older sibs are always right and you're always wrong. The good news is: you're cute and your parents don't care.

  • You’re tired of hearing, "Why can’t you be more like…?" 13 of 19

    "Why can't you be more like [insert older siblings' name]?" they ask. You only wish you could answer, "Um, because you stopped caring once I came along!"

  • Being the baby is hard 14 of 19
    Picture 403

    You were too little/young/short to do anything cool, so you were stuck with those Mom and Dad people who liked to treat you like a baby.

  • Everything you owned was used 15 of 19
    Picture 1821

    From cribs to action figures, car seats and bikes, every single thing you ever owned was used because your parents are broke on account of all these kids.

  • Everything you did (and still do) is adorable 16 of 19

    There's just something about being the youngest that forever made every personal wrongdoing adorably charming in your exhausted parents' eyes. By the time you came around, your parents gave up on proper parenting law, because ... well, just look at you!

  • Your older siblings knew stuff – important stuff 17 of 19
    Picture 404

    Your older siblings bore the brunt of your parents' harshest punishments and greatest expectations. On the rare occasion that they took pity on you, they shared valuable intel on how to to cover your tracks, lie to their faces, and stay under the radar.

  • You got away with everything 18 of 19

    When it came to skating parental discipline, you hit the kid goldmine. You were smarter for observing the rookie mistakes of older sibs, and luckier because your parents finally gave up trying.

  • Your older siblings were so cool 19 of 19

    Your older siblings had awesome taste in music, movies, TV, and toys, because they told you they did and you believed them.

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