19 Exciting and Unique Summer Camps For Kids

I don’t ever remember being over scheduled for summer camps growing up. I’d go to sleepover camp for a week, that was about it. In 2013, however, a stack of pamphlets and booklets crowds our kitchen table as we plot out activities for the boys this summer.

There’s hockey camp, baseball camp, cheerleading camp, overnight camp – those are the ones you’d expect to see. There was even this one time, I thought about sending my kids to band camp .. wait, never mind.

If the same old routine isn’t doing it for your kids this summer, why not try to find one to harness a unique interest or skill they possess?

Check out this list of interesting, unique and unconventional summer camps for kids that might spark your imagination to look for something different near your hometown this summer.

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    19 Unique Summer Camps For Kids

    From Fashion Camp to LEGO Camp, Space Camp to Motorsports Camp, all sorts of things are covered for the kids this summer. They look so fun you might find yourself saying "Forget the kids, sign me up!"

  • Olympic Camp 2 of 20
    unique summer camp kids - winsport canada

    Ski Jumping, Luge, and Bobsleigh may be winter Olympic sports, but at Winsport Canada in Calgary, Alberta, kids can slap rollers on the bottom of the gear and get a taste of the Olympic Spirit.

    Image via Winsport Canada

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    Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Motorsport Camp

    I am not looking forward to the day my sons ask for the keys. At Motorsports Camp, let someone else do the instruction, in someone else's car. From go-karts to 1/2 scale race cars, kids get put through the paces on dirt and paved roads.

    Image via Camp Motorsport

  • Culinary Camp 4 of 20
    19 Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Culinary Camp

    They say the best way to get kids away from being picky eaters is to involve them in the meal planning. Culinary Camp does just that by teaching your kids everything from meal planning to knife skills. They can also learn baking and pastry arts in programs that run for 1, 2, 3 weeks or more.

    Image via Kids Culinary

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    19 Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Business Camp

    For kids with an entrepreneurial spirit, Camp BizSmart lets kids work on their MBA before they're even done high school. This summer, students will work with a robotics company to help manage cost reduction and expand their marketing efforts - all with real consumer products.

    Image via Camp BizSmart

  • Dinosaur Camp 6 of 20
    Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Dinosaur Camp

    If you've got a kid that can pronounce all those dinosaur names in their favorite bedtime books, let them dig for real bones. At Dinosaur Camp, kids live in an archaeological region and spend their days prospecting for dinosaur bones and learning the science of palaeontology.
    Image via Buzz Bishop


  • Pioneer Camp 7 of 20
    19 Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Pioneer Camp

    Laura Ingalls Wilder isn't just a character in a book, she really lived in a house on the prairie. Home On The Range Camp takes that experience and makes it real life. High schoolers spend a week living in a heritage community and experience life as settlers and ranchers at the turn of the (previous) century. They live and sleep in a restored barn and work the land just like they did 100+ years go. 

    Image via Heritage Park

  • Robotics Camp 8 of 20
    19 Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Robot Camp

    Kids learn not only how to build a robot, but they will learn how to program it to perform practical tasks. If you have a middle or high schooler interested in engineering, Robotics Camp might help hone that interest.

    Image via Camps.ca

  • Comedy Camp 9 of 20
    Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Comedy Camp

    NYC comedians take kids under their wing at Comedy Camp, where students avoid mosquitos and spend their time learning about improv, comic acting, and stand-up comedy! As with Camp Jam, the grand finale is a live show, this one in a real comedy club.

    Image via Kids N Comedy

  • Circus Camp 10 of 20
    Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Circus Camp

    If your kids clown around, a visit to Camp Winnarainbow might be on order. Stilt walking, unicycling, juggling, and all sorts of clowning around are involved at this Circus Camp.

    Image via Camp Winnarainbow

  • LEGO Camp 11 of 20
    19 Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Lego Camp

    LEGO isn't just a toy, it's a tool to grow imagination, and learning. Think of all the engineering skills kids can pick up just by trying to piece together bridges, buildings, and all sorts of figures. Bricks 4 Kidz summer camps cover everything from animal biology to amusement park physics with a dose of robotics.

    Image via Bricks 4 Kids

  • Fashion Camp 12 of 20
    19 Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Fashion Camp

    What was that line from The Fresh Prince"You go to school to learn, not for a fashion show." Well, at this summer camp, the fashion show is the thing. From sketches, to design,to modelling and sewing, all aspects can be covered at Fashion Camp.

    Image via Design Exchange

  • Paintball Camp 13 of 20
    19 Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Paintball Camp

    I'm not one for guns and shooting, but if you have a kid that has lost themselves in a first person shooter video game, Paintball Camp might be the sort of thing to get them out of the basement and in the great outdoors this summer.

    Image via FlagSwipe Paintball

  • Space Camp 14 of 20
    unique summer camps for kids - space camp

    Want to test if your kids are really up for the challenge? Pop in the 1986 classic, Space Camp. If they're game, then pack up the space suit and send them to Huntsville, Alabama. Recommended for kids from Gr 4-12, the real Space Camp puts kids through the paces of real astronaut training in their own simulated space mission, flying jet simulators, or engineering land, air and sea robots!

    Image via Space Camp

  • Spy Camp 15 of 20
    Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Spy Camp

    From code breaking to martial arts, kids at Camp Lohikan's Spy Camp program will learn all the tricks to make them the next Bond - or at least Cody Banks. For kids in 5th grade an beyond, they'll learn rope climbing, jetskiing, and mission planning all ending with a final exam rescue mission.

    Image via Camp Lohikan

  • Wizards and Warriors Camp 16 of 20
    unique summer camps for kids

    It's Dungeons and Dragons and Harry Potter come to life. Kids create armor, weapons, take weapons training and then take their character on treasure hunts and adventures. Wizards and Warriors Camp is proud that in addition to the quests, it also teaches kids about science, mythology, history, and literatures.

    Image via Sword Summer Camp

  • Camp Jam 17 of 20
    Unique Summer Camp For Kids - Camp Jam

    Remember of School of Rock? This is that, in a week. Camp Jam is a Rock N Roll camp for kids as young as 7 to get out and bash with the best. The slogan, "no canoes, lots of rock" proves this place has metal and it all wraps up with a huge concert on the final night of camp.

    Image via Camp Jam

  • Plantation Farm Camp 18 of 20
    Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Plantation Farm Camp

    If you've got a digital kid, this is the perfect place to get them unplugged. Everyone lives outdoors without electricity at Plantation Farm Camp. It is about slowing down, exploring, and being a kid. There are more than 50 activities on the roster from tie dying to bareback horse riding.

    Image via Plantation Farm Camp

  • Shark Camp 19 of 20
    Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Shark Camp

    The most popular week of tv on cable is Shark Week, and if your kids are glued to it, why not hook them up with the real thing. Mom and Dad can take a break on the beaches of Fiji, while your kids get dropped in the ocean in a cage with some bloody chum at The Fiji Shark Studies program. If your kid is in high school and over 15, they could even collect college credit and community service points as they help collect data for The Shark Foundation Database.

    Image via Fiji Shark Studies

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    Unique Summer Camps For Kids - Wakeboard Camp

    Now for the extreme athlete in your family, a week on the water is just the fit. Wakeboard Camp gets your kid hitting some jumps but can also include adrenaline rushes in parachuting, ultra light flying, go-karting, and more. That is going to be an interesting waiver to sign before you pack the kids off.

    Image via Camp Qwanoes

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