19 Homeschool Blogs Worth Hiding in the Bathroom to Read

19 Homeschool Blogs Worth Hiding in the Bathroom to Read

I’m a terrible blog reader.


Here’s the thing — I read blogs sporadically. So I read a lot of blogs, but often I read a post that comes across on Facebook from a friend — and then I never go back. Lately however, I’ve taken to reading homeschool blogs. Many of them. I’ve always had a few favorites from when we decided to homeschool Bella, and as time goes on I find more to fall in love with. However, it’s hard to finish any because either Bella needs me, or the dog, or Sam, or dinner…

At times I’ll hide in the bathroom on the rug to read in peace, while Sam watches Bella and wonders what is taking me so long.

Recently I asked my readers on Facebook for their favorite homeschool blogs. They recommended ones that I couldn’t pull away from.

I know if I love reading about the homeschool days of others this much, some of you have to as well. I can’t be the only homeschool parent who loves finding out that my feelings/days/frustrations/joys are shared with others.

From religion-based to secular, unschooled to structured, young children to older, these 19 homeschool blogs will encourage and affirm your decision to school the kids at home.

I’m sure in trying to have a little of each here, I skipped great blogs accidentally! If you have one that you want everyone to know about — leave a link to it in the comments! 


  • 19 Homeschool Blogs Worth Hiding in the Bathroom to Read 1 of 20

    Click through to see favorite homeschooling blogs from my personal favorites and others. 

  • Annapolis & Company 2 of 20

    I don't know that it can get more visually stunning than Annapolis & Company. This was a blog suggested by a reader, and I click over often just to scroll through pics of her days homeschooling 3 kiddos.

  • The Busy Mom 3 of 20

    The Busy Mom has been a favorite of mine on Facebook even before I realized famous homeschooler Heidi St. John was behind it. She's homeschooled for so long, and to so many, that her words are absolutely full of wisdom. 

  • Creekside Learning 4 of 20

    Creekside Learning is full of ideas, experiments, and good books, but it offers a view into special needs homeschooling that many of us don't read about often. It's a more natural, hands-on type approach that opens your eyes to new ways of schooling kids. 


  • Small Things 5 of 20

    Another beautiful picture blog is Small Things. It's about a mama who homeschools her seven littles. I love her very laid back approach and how she encourages other homeschool moms with her simplicity. It doesn't hurt that she's also a yarn/book lover. 

  • Simple Homeschool 6 of 20

    Oh hey look - it's us 🙂 Simple Homeschool has been my go-to from day one of deciding to homeschool Bella. Jamie is my homeschool guru; each post is what I need that day or tucked away for later. She has so much insight and wisdom on different homeschool methods, and so many contributors, that you're sure to find whatever you're looking for. 

  • The Pioneer Woman 7 of 20

    I adore The Pioneer Woman. Ree has my heart on food, photos, and life, but especially homeschool. Her blog offers a look into different families, as well as offers advice and information for all ages, types, and situations. Plus it features the gorgeous photos she's known for. 

  • The Truth About Homeschooling 8 of 20

    Kim from The Truth About Homeschooling started homeschooling last year. She has three children that had all been in public school when she and her husband decided to take the plunge. I have loved watching her gather information and share her journey with all its ups and downs. Her blog truly offers a honest look into the life of a new homeschool mom. 

  • Abundant Life 9 of 20

    Abundant Life was recommended by a reader, and once I clicked over I knew it was a blog that so many of my homeschool friends should know about. Marianne writes about having a large family, homeschooling children with dyslexia, and offers consulting services for anyone stuck or needing a push in their homeschool life. 

  • Secular Homeschool 10 of 20

    Not everyone homeschools their children based on religious beliefs or even to incorporate that. Although it can seem to be the majority on blogs and in groups, Secular Homeschool offers a place for moms to come together. Chock-full of support and information, it provides resources from many different areas to a wide variety of homeschool families. 

  • Gidget Goes Home 11 of 20

    One of my favorite sites about homeschooling littles is Gidget Goes Home. I love her honest, frank approach to the ups and downs of homeschooling her oldest child right now. 

  • Jimmie’s Collage 12 of 20

    Jimmie's Collage is all about the Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling — with an only child. (So rare to find!) Her style and advice often soothes my anxious heart for homeschooling just Bella. She offers up so much advice on how to help your children while instilling a love of reading and nature. 

  • Homeschool Creations 13 of 20

    Homeschool Creations has been such a blessing to us — from recommending our current reading program to offering all kinds of information on starting homeschool with a younger child. Jolanthe has done an amazing job organizing her blog with approachable, encouraging posts for every kind of homeschool family.

  • Social Savvy Mom 14 of 20

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Tiany from Social Savvy Mom twice the past few years and being friends with her as well. She's an amazing mom to four boys who she home schools. She also runs her own blog, business, and homeschool site The Homeschool Lounge

  • Confessions of a Homeschooler 15 of 20

    Confessions of a Homeschooler is packed full of everything you need to start, finish, and keep going with homeschooling. Her ideas are amazing, and I love that it's simple and straightforward for your busy day. 


  • The Homeschool Village 16 of 20

    The Homeschool Village offers a look into ways to simplify and organize your homeschool life, from parents everywhere. Their approach is to keep it manageable with tips on organizing supplies, rooms, lesson plans, curriculum and more. 

  • 1+1+1=1 17 of 20

    This is my go-to site for anything printable and colorful. It offers so much for younger children, I can find myself just endlessly clicking along for ideas and never feeling like any of it is out of my reach. One of the most popular posts (31k pins!) is Preschool Math Printables.

  • The Hands-On Homeschooler 18 of 20

    I love Leann from The Hands-On Homeschooler and her way of incorporating lots of sensory activities into learning. It's an especially perfect fit for children who simply have to move to learn. Besides that, I love reading about her homeschool day with just one!

  • Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers 19 of 20

    Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers is a quirky, tongue-in-cheek look at how so many view homeschooling families. Kris gives us information on how to homeschool, curriculum reviews, faith, and ideas just for mom. Her Facebook page is one I love seeing in my feed. 

  • On Bradstreet 20 of 20

    This stunning blog On Bradstreet is written by an "unschooling" mom of two. She chronicles their life with homeschool woven in, along with how they've taught their children to be mindful of what they have and how to live sustainably. The quote I love the most from her about page? "…for me, unschooling with my children is an act of feminist activism." 


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