19 Pictures of Children’s Adorable First Artwork

First drawings. There isn’t anything quite like the feeling of your child showing you a piece of paper with “It’s a…” and you suddenly realize that’s exactly what it is. A wonderfully proud moment. We usually share these immediately with friends and family, but today I wanted to share with them with all of you – from other parents you may or may not know on social media.

These made me laugh and cry, each had a story behind them. What touched me the most was how every one remembered what their child drew and why – and was so proud of it they took a picture and/or saved it. Little faces, first animals, and moments children experienced loss – they’re all here.

Thank you to each of you who sent these to their kids first artwork. It was an honor to be able to put these on Babble Kid for all to see and enjoy too.


  • Angry with a Bellybutton 1 of 18
    kid drawings

    "Bella drew this on her Kiwi Crate gingerbread man, handing it to me with a, 'He's a little angry and has a belly button.' Thank goodness she told me about the belly button." - drawing by Bella at age 4

  • A Better Head 2 of 18

    "This is my 4yo's first stick person. The circle beside it is the first 'head' that he didn't like and wouldn't use." - drawing by Cooper age 4

  • "Happy" Face 3 of 18

    "This is Grace's first, unprompted drawing. She shocked us with it in the car on our road trip to South Carolina in May. For not even being 3 yet, we were impressed 🙂 It's a 'smiley' face." - drawing by Grace at almost 3


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  • Mommy Running 4 of 18

    "I couldn't help but laugh when my 3 1/2 year old brought me this plate and told me, 'Look Mommy! It's you running! Do you love it?' I couldn't help but post it to FB and instagram with the caption, 'Grady's portrait of me running! Looks about right!'" - drawing by Grady at age 3 1/2 

  • Monsters and Princesses 5 of 18

     "She tells me the princess is inside safe, and the monster is outside. The brown stuff at the top are mountains."- drawing by Alex at age 4 1/2 


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  • Mickey Mouse 6 of 18

    "Aric drew this Mickey Mouse last April, so he would have been about 3.5. My husband and I were floored when we saw it (complete with tail, red pants, and yellow shoes!) since he'd never drawn anything we could recognize before."- drawing by Aric at age 3 1/2 


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  • Rapunzel 7 of 18

    "This is one of the first drawings that my almost 4 year old daughter did about a month ago while at preschool. She described it as 'Rapunzel in her princess tower with the sun shining'. I cried a bit. I'm a creative person at heart so I just melted when I really could understand what she was drawing." - drawing by Katie at almost 4

  • Friends 8 of 18

    "My daughter, Allie, is 4. She drew a picture of herself (with the long brown hair), her teacher (the tall one), and her 3 best friends... Elise (blonde hair), Lily (curly black hair), Emma (brown hair). She makes sure to include belly buttons on all people she draws. 🙂 " - drawing by Allie at age 4 


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  • Letters, Robots, and the Dog 9 of 18
    kid drawings 16

    "Harlow was drawing this morning and telling me what everything was. 🙂  Her newest obsession is "Writing letters," so that is what all the red marks are.  At the top right {the black blob} is a robot.  Of course. The green at the left, is Wyler {our white dog}.  And if you look closely, you might be able to spot her outline of her hand and one successful letter H." - drawing by Harlow at age 2 1/2


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  • Giraffe 10 of 18
    kids drawing 10

    "Here's Henry's giraffe.... of course it went to his daycare provider, not his mama!" - drawing by Henry age 3 1/2


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  • My Kaden 11 of 18
    kid pictures 15
    "Noah made this at Kaden's memorial. It's you and Sam and Kaden. This might be the first time he has ever drawn people." - drawing by Noah at almost 4
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  • Ages and Stages 12 of 18
    kid drawning 9

    "It was over night that it went from questionable blobs of paint to real looking things. Animals were her favorite at first and of course I was ready to scout her out to museums I was so blown away! Now she won't put the crayons down!" - drawings by Rowan at ages 4 and 5 


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  • Ballerina Bunny 13 of 18
    kid drawing 11

    "She drew it during afternoon 'quiet time' because she loves ballet & bunnies. She is a spirited little soul who loves to dance!" - drawing by Odessa at age 4


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  • Baby Sister 14 of 18
    kid drawing 13

    "This is one of the first pieces of artwork that I will never forget from my kids. McKenna made this and it's a picture of her and Parker holding a heart to symbolize Hadley." - drawing by McKenna at age 5 (McKenna is one of two surviving triplets, Hadley went to be with Jesus after a long NICU battle)


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  • Mama 15 of 18
    kid drawing 14

    "This was the first picture John ever drew of me. It's also the first actual person where you can tell who and what it is." - drawing by John at age 3 1/2


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  • Turtle 16 of 18
    kid drawing 15
    "My son Logan (aka Destroy) enjoys fingerpainting at school. (Well, he at least enjoys the glitter that goes with it.) I've always had a thing for turtles, so imagine my surprise when he brought the attached painting home. I can almost make out the actual turtle. At least "T for Turtle" makes me feel better than his previous favorite shout of "T is for Tricia!" (I prefer "Mommy" thankyouverymuch.)" - drawing by Logan at age 3
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  • Heritage 17 of 18
    kid drawing 17
    "My little Native American made this drawing after he arrived home from his thanksgiving program at preschool. He drew the Native Americans next to a fire with stars overhead!" - drawing by Brayden age 4
  • New Item 19 18 of 18
    kid drawing 19

    "This is a picture of me. And Peyton's name. If you look closely you can identify the P-E-Y-T-O and N. They just aren't in the correct order and are all over the page. But yes, that is me. I have a lot of hair, enormous eyes and very long eyelashes. At first I wasn't sure if those were eyes... or something else that would help a person to identify the picture as an anatomically correct female." - drawing by Peyton at age 4


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