Sleep on a Toilet? 20 Crazy Places Moms Nap

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Sleep deprivation as a mom is inevitable. It comes with the job description. There’s no preparing for it and there’s no way around it. And there’s definitely no getting used to it. I’ve been sleep deprived for seven years and it just doesn’t seem to get any easier. In fact, as I get older, I’m finding that it becomes more difficult for my aging body to skip that precious REM cycle and function. Hey, sleep is one of nature’s laws, our bodies NEED it!

I’m especially exhausted lately due to the sheer fact that little, vital organs are developing inside my belly, my 7 and 5 year-olds are sporting wild mood swings and my toddler thinks everyone should get moving at 5 am. During the day, there is no chance anyone is going to let me play catch-up. In an ideal world (or Spain), when we’re tired, we’d clock out, head straight to our beds, turn the covers down and climb in for a beautiful, afternoon siesta. (Getting struck by lightning sports greater odds than that happening around here.) So, how do we catch up on those missed zzz’s? We settle. And sometimes, it ain’t pretty and it’s definitely far from ideal. But when mom is tired, mom needs to sleep!

I asked a handful of moms to tell me their not-so-pretty napping places and stories. And sadly enough, I could relate with almost all of them.

Click through and then tell me if you’ve ever done any of these!

  • Dentist Chair 1 of 19
    Dentist Chair
    Ever beg your dentist to take his time with his other patients so you can have a nap? I have. I've even fallen asleep with his fingers in my mouth.
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  • Toilet 2 of 19
    One mother confessed, "I learned to sleep sitting on the toilet at work with my first pregnancy. I'm not proud of it, but I was so sick and so tired, the bathroom was the only place I could get away."
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  • Bathtub 3 of 19
    How can you not dose off in a hot, sudsy tub with the lights off? No hope for survival with that one!
  • Office 4 of 19
    One mother confessed, "I put a sign on my office door that I'm at lunch and curled up on the floor under my desk."
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  • Church 5 of 19
    A classic place to find nappers! Some quiet music, a seat and a congregation of people to hide behind make for the perfect napping spot.
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  • Computer Keyboard 6 of 19
    Computer Keyboard
    These things should come with cushions! Ever fallen asleep like this? I'd hate to admit how often I've done it.
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  • Waiting Area 7 of 19
    Waiting Area
    Mothers spend a lot of time waiting for appointments. Ever taken a book just in case the Doctor was running late, but found yourself with drool running out the side of your mouth and your head cocked back, eyes toward the ceiling? Yeah, me too.
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  • Bathroom Floor 8 of 19
    Bathroom Floor
    A mixture of morning sickness and exhaustion could cause any mother to just stay on the bathroom floor to save herself another trip. Several mothers confessed to falling asleep next to the toilet.
  • Movie Theater 9 of 19
    Movie Theater
    Um...comfy chair, dark room? Sometimes paying money to nap is worth it, especially if it's a dull movie.
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  • Stoplight 10 of 19
    Even if it's only red for a few seconds, sometimes those eyes need to shut down. I recommend putting your car in park though and not being offended by honkers.
  • Side of the Road 11 of 19
    Side of the Road
    Speaking of putting the car in park, the other day I was drowsy driving with my kids in the back seat. I told them I had to pull over and take a quick nap. So, we camped on the side of the road so I could sprawl out on the console for a bit.
  • Meeting 12 of 19
    This is the worst! But sometimes, when someone else is talking and you can't keep your eyes open any longer, it has to happen. Just hope and pray that snoring doesn't interrupt the meeting.
    Photo Credit: MorgueFile & sideshowmom
  • Drive-Thru 13 of 19
    Another mother confessed, "Waiting in line at the drive-thru." I hope for mom's sake they take their sweet time getting that hamburger ready!
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  • Park 14 of 19
    A mother confessed, "Once I got a babysitter, drove to and stopped at the park, climbed in the back seat and took a nap. Brought a pillow and blanket and everything."
  • Parking Lot 15 of 19
    Parking Lot
    Another mother said, "Worst is when I'm sick and leave work early, but don't go home because the kids won't let me rest. So I hide out in a parking lot to sleep."
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  • Doctor’s Office 16 of 19
    Doctor's Office
    Doctor's running behind? No problem (as long as I don't have my kids with me)! I think I can make myself at home on this paper bed that feels like Egyptian cotton to my tired body.
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  • Bus, Train, Subway 17 of 19
    Bus, Train, Subway
    Is there any other way to commute to work? I'd say riding the bus or taking the train screams "NAP!" Forget the newspaper, arrive to work with a few extra minutes of sleep under your belt. It would be hard for me to stay awake on a bus.
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  • On the Floor 18 of 19
    On the Floor
    This one is a popular one. The kids are busy playing next to you and oops, you've found yourself in the fetal position with your head nestled on your arms, cat-napping. It's not a bed, but it's pretty darn close.
  • In My Own Bed 19 of 19
    In My Own Bed
    Another mother confessed, "I got a babysitter, walked out the front door, told the sitter I was sneaking back in the house in a minute, shut my bedroom door and went to sleep in my own bed without my kids knowing." Now that sounds like the way to do it. My own bed. I wonder if I could pull that one off.

Did I miss your infamous napping secret? We want to hear where you catch up on sleep!


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