20 Jobs Your Kids Can Do to Help Your House be Springy Clean

So Spring fever and nesting have joined forces at our house. That’s a whole lot of cleaning folks! I’m 30 weeks pregnant now and the clock is starting to move rapidly. EEK! I’m not going to spew on how scared I am to have 4 kids, so I’ll spew on how I’m going to get ready for 4 kids by passing on some more responsibility to my older kids. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect, since I’m in “Operation-beef-up-my-kids-self-confidence” mode. Allowing kids to feel responsible is just what they need to feel great about themselves. And my oh my, this mama is going to need some help, so I’m seeing win/win written all over this.

I’m a fan of work and passing that important life skill onto my kids is pretty high up there on my parenting to-do list. I’m sure they think I’m a slave driver, but they’ll love me for it later (or their college roommates or spouse at least will). It’s no fun rooming with a slob.

So, it’s time to kick it into high gear and get my ducks in a row before I’m faced with too many sleepless nights. Luckily, my kids are at an age where they can really help around the house. I hear grumbles occasionally but I know they secretly love to help and have a clean environment to live in. They were especially excited when I let them become the “owners” of certain areas in the house. My son owns the bathroom and my daughter owns the kitchen floor. They are responsible for keeping their part of the house clean. It’s great when someone spills on the floor and I hear my daughter say, “Hey! you need to clean that up!”

Ahhhh… the sound of me NOT nagging. It’s beautiful.

Here are 20 jobs kids can do around the house to help their mama out!

And here are also some tips to help make it more fun for them. (They really don’t need to know it’s work.)

  • Go Fish 1 of 20
    Go Fish
    Make folding laundry and pairing socks into a game of "Go Fish." They'll forget they're working and focus on trying to find the white sock with green stripes so they can have a match.
  • Send Them Home 2 of 20
    Send Them Home
    The germs and leftover gunky toothpaste in the sink really want to go home and see their fellow germs. They desperately want to be wiped up and sent down the drain or in the garbage. My son is a pro at his bathroom duty now thanks to these handy wipes.
  • They’re Cold and Need Blankets 3 of 20
    They're Cold and Need Blankets
    Oh no, the sheets are cold! Quick, pull the blankets up so they can stay warm. Every kid can make a bed (not well) but at least make an attempt.
  • See How Much Gunk You Can Get 4 of 20
    See How Much Gunk You Can Get
    I love my Dyson and I love to see how much crap it picks up (I hate that all that crap lives in my carpet). Thank goodness my kids fight over this job, it's fun for them and helpful for me.
  • Clothes Need a Swim 5 of 20
    Clothes Need a Swim
    Unless your kids are color blind, this is another fun job they can help with. Sort the laundry by colors and send them into their spinning swimming pool.
  • Memory 6 of 20
    Let's see who remembers where the tupperware goes. My toddler loves this job the best, she jumps at the opportunity to hand me the bowls or spoons. It's one they get to practice often, and one I don't particularly like doing myself, so I'm happy to have extra hands to help me.
  • Where Do You Want to Sit? 7 of 20
    Where Do You Want to Sit?
    Who ever sets the table gets to pick where to sit! Usually my kids are so hungry come dinner time, they'll jump at the chance to speed things along.
  • What’s for Dinner? 8 of 20
    What's for Dinner?
    I love to ask them what they want for dinner because it's usually ten times easier to make than what I had in mind and they're willing to help make it.
  • Treasure Hunt 9 of 20
    Treasure Hunt
    Hmmmm, let's see who can find the half-eaten pretzel from last week! Kids can really make a mess in a car, so let them use those same skills to help clean up. Wiping and vacuuming are fun for them, let them have a turn and give yourself a break.
  • Superheros Build Muscles Doing This 10 of 20
    Superheros Build Muscles Doing This
    Who needs push-ups or weights when you can lift bags of produce and frozen food? Superheros help their moms by carrying in the groceries.
  • Don’t Let Them Drown! 11 of 20
    Don't Let Them Drown!
    The carpet is the ocean and the bookshelf is the island, quick don't let anything drown! The same goes for clothes and other stuff found on bedroom floors. Make it fun for them and they'll put their stuff away.
  • Just the Way You Like it 12 of 20
    Just the Way You Like it
    When they are old enough to take a lunch to school and you think they can handle making it themselves, let them. Chances are they'll eat it if they made it.
  • If it Doesn’t Fit 13 of 20
    If it Doesn't Fit
    Spring cleaning just got a lot more fun (at least for mom). Time to clean out the closet and drawers and eliminate the clothes that don't fit and get ready for a warmer season. They can help do that and organize their drawers as they go.
  • Use Those Hulk Muscles 14 of 20
    Use Those Hulk Muscles
    Hey there Hulk! Where did you get those big muscles? Lifting groceries? Kids can empty garbages and take them out to the street and be in charge of bringing them back to the house.
  • Stack Them in This Box 15 of 20
    Stack Them in This Box
    Time to clean up the toys. How about we stack these blocks in the box instead? They should definitely be cleaning up their play places. That's just too exhausting for mom to do on her own.
  • See if You Can See Your Reflection 16 of 20
    See if You Can See Your Reflection
    This is a good job for kids that are a little older. They can handle a vacuum or broom and wipe up the floor when it gets messy. Like I mentioned earlier, my 7-year old owns this job.
  • Choo-Choo 17 of 20
    Hop on the choo-choo train and go around the house picking up all the stuff on the floor that doesn't belong there. They can take turns being the caboose or the leader.
  • Kill all the Dust Bunnies! 18 of 20
    Kill all the Dust Bunnies!
    Spring is the perfect time to wipe down doors, blinds and baseboards. Hand them a wipe and have them go crazy with the whole house! They can be in charge of dusting the furniture too.
  • Play in the Water 19 of 20
    Play in the Water
    Who can get all of the food off the dishes and put them neatly by the sink? Let them be a part of the dinner clean-up. They'll feel important and they may even have some fun while they're at it.
  • Play in the Dirt 20 of 20
    Play in the Dirt
    It's almost Spring! That means it's almost time to plant the garden and work outside in the yard. Those little hands can definitely help with all of it. Pulling weeds, planting seeds and digging in the dirt isn't work to a kid, it's fun especially when you get to do it together.

Do you have your kids help you with chores? What do they do around the house to give you a hand?


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