20 Unique and Fun Kid Bedroom Ideas

If I am honest I don’t really have an interior design eye or really a crafty bone in my body. I like to pretend and I like to try but mostly I just look.  If you look in my kids bedrooms they are pretty simple. A cute color on the wall, a bed, toys and shelves. It’s the best I can do and my kids seem happy.

Then I come across images of really, truly inspired bedrooms and think, “man, I need to get some of that talent”. There are some really lucky kids out there who’s bedroom is far cooler then any room in my entire house.

Boat Theme 1 of 20
I can only imagine what those stairs lead to. I would love it to be a reading nook.

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Bunk Beds and Storage 2 of 20
I love the modern look of these bunk beds. All that storage on the side - perfect for books.

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Fresh and Blue 3 of 20
I love, love this room. It inspires me to have even more kids (not that I need more inspiration).

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Lilac Love 4 of 20
I absolutely adore all the storage space in this room. Perfect for a lover of purple and a kid who likes things clean.

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Tent Bed 5 of 20
My daughter would love this bed and room. I can already see her sitting under the stars playing away.

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Carnival Inspired 6 of 20
Right?! This room is so unique and everything in the room inspires FUN.

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Clean Lines 7 of 20
Perfect for the child (ok, parent) who likes things clean, fresh and new. This offers so much space.

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Under the Sea 8 of 20
How can a child NOT love this room. Complete with a mural wall and rope to climb up to the boad.

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Arr Matey 9 of 20
Everything in this room screams fun. Perfect for the child who loves all things pirate!

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Pass, Shoot, SCORE 10 of 20
This room is perfect for the family who doesn't mind noise and a child who loves to be active!

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Whimsical Pretty 11 of 20
When I look at this room, I can't not smile. It's so bright and fun.

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Circles and Girly 12 of 20
This room is more about the paintings on the wall then anything else. A big room with lots of space to play.

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Outdoors...Inside 13 of 20
What kid doesn't love a good treehouse. This room brings all that inside -- perfect for the bedroom.

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Bed and Lounge 14 of 20
I love the colors on the wall and the bedspread. This bed is also perfect to sleep, read and lounge around.

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Fire Station 15 of 20
My son would love this room. He is all about firemen, stations and incorporating this into where he sleeps -- not sure if he would.

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Hippy Hipster 16 of 20
Okay - this one is just too fun. The surfer, hipster inspired room complete with a Beetle bed.

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Treehouse Fun 17 of 20
Another room that brings some of the outside indoors, this room also features whimsy and antique items.

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May the Force be with You 18 of 20
Shut-up, right. This room is all Star Wars inspired perfect for the child who love all things Jedi.... or adult who loves it.

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Knight in Shining Armor 19 of 20
If your child loves castles, knights and saving the day this room is perfect. It is sure to inspire imaginative play.

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Pretty in Tinkerbell 20 of 20
Either of my girls would LOVE this room. Perfect for the really 'girly girl' child, this inspires all things magic.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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