20 More of the Ugliest Kid Tattoos Ever

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I’m in love with bad tattoo art.

Hey, we all have our train wreck vices. For some, it’s the Real Housewives franchise, for others it’s Star Magazine, but for me, it has been (and likely will always be) bad tattoos.

If you love regrettable ink like me, you simply must check out 19 Truly Regrettable Love Tattoos on Strollerderby and 15 of the Ugliest Kid Tattoos here on Kid Scoop.

Check out the latest and greatest batch of ugly kid tattoo portraiture after the jump!

  • Made in the shading 1 of 20
    Nightmare on Elm Street 9: Revenge of Freddy's Daughter coming soon to a DVD bargain bin near you.
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  • Four boys 2 of 20
    What do crooked hats, coneheads, looming babies, and poor composition have in common? This tattoo.
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  • You’re a wizard, Kiden 3 of 20
    Because sorcery and babies totally go together.
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  • Just no 4 of 20
    Everything that could possibly go wrong with this tattoo, did.
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  • The black sheep 5 of 20
    Teeganne was so totally written out of the will.
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  • Umm… 6 of 20
    A face only a mother can love.
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  • Elderly children 7 of 20
    By the looks of this tattoo, Mia and Dylan seem to be aging prematurely.
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  • Cupie kids 8 of 20
    Scary cupie kids made only scarier by three-fingered hands. Hold me.
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  • Daddy’s Boy 9 of 20
    Honey, Daddy loves you so much he got a bad tattoo.
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  • Beautiful daughter… 10 of 20
    ...butt ugly tattoo.
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  • Bad teeth 11 of 20
    This child is clearly in need of dental care.
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  • Poor thing 12 of 20
    Lopsided head and a sunburn? And you thought you were having a bad day.
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  • Katie Bugg 13 of 20
    Oh Katie Bugg, I bet you are the cutest thing IRL, but on this tat you ugly.
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  • Family crest 14 of 20
    The baby's expression says it all.
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  • We match 15 of 20
    Funny how the surprised look on this tattoo portrait totally matches the surprised look on my face while viewing said tattoo portrait.
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  • Daddy’s Lil Girl… 16 of 20 going to make you pay for that bad tattoo.
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  • The nose knows… 17 of 20
    that ears you grow into, noses you don't.
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  • This is no way… 18 of 20 honor your kids.
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  • Eye know 19 of 20
    Why does it feel like somebody's watching me?
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  • Diamond eyes 20 of 20
    HMW is watching, always watching.
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Which tattoo is your “favorite”?

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