20 Parents Share the Creative Excuses Their Kids Give to Get Out of Going to Bed

20 Parents Share the Creative Excuses Their Kids Give to Get Out of Going to BedBefore I had kids I had no idea how complicated bedtime could be. When I had kids, that idea quickly became my reality and entered into the nightly struggles to get my kids to go to bed.

It seems that each night I am arguing and struggling with all three kids and dodging excuse after excuse about whey they’re just not quite ready to sleep yet. It’s weird because we have the same routine every night. Always.

They eat at the same time, then they go and brush their teeth and it’s time for bed. They get a little bit of quiet time in their room before the lights are off and they need to sleep. Even with the routine, you’d think they were never quite ready for it. I hear everything come out of their mouths from, “I had a bad dream,” (though they’ve not slept) to “I’m hungry,” and “I have something to tell you.” Each night they seem to come up with some new creative excuse to get out of having to go to bed.

I was wondering if I was the only parent who struggled with this, so I took to my Facebook page and Twitter and asked other parents if their kids had interesting excuses they had to battle through each night. Sure enough they did!

Check out the creative excuses these parents hear nightly from their kids to get out of going to bed:

  • I’m Hungry 1 of 20
    I'm Hungry
    "I'm hungry." It never fails - my toddler is always starving at bedtime. Despite the fact that I know she's not. -- Melissa
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  • I Need to Use the Washroom, Kinda 2 of 20
    I Need to Use the Washroom, Kinda
    My 10 year old , well, to be truthful , he'll run into the bathroom hiding his itouch,saying " I gotta POOP!" then be in there forever or until I've had enough! -- Wendy, WeightsOver
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  • I Need to Try 3 of 20
    I Need to Try
    We get "I'm thirsty" or need to "try" to go potty for the fifth time -- Diane
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  • Need Another Blanket 4 of 20
    Need Another Blanket
    I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm not tired, my pjs are too small, my pjs are too big, its hot, I need blanket, I want to sleep next to brother, in your bed, nextv to daddy, next to mama, the dog takes up too much room, I have to pee, I have to poooooooop moooooom!! Yeah.... She's 3 lol. -- Rebecca
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  • I Have a Question 5 of 20
    I Have a Question
    My oldest, who is five, constantly likes to come out of her room at bedtime to "ask me a question". In which of course, she can never wait until the morning, or ask before bedtime!! -- Hanan, LilacCityMomma
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  • Wants to Play 6 of 20
    Wants to Play
    "I want to show you something" "I need to pee" which I can't ignore that one, just in case. "I want hugs and kisses" "I want my night light on" " i want Mickey" "I want my truck" It goes on! -- Ruth
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  • More Questions 7 of 20
    More Questions
    My 3 year old boy always says he needs to ask us a question. Every. Single. Night. -- Heather
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  • My Show is Starting 8 of 20
    My Show is Starting
    "Not tired, favorite show is coming on & need to stay up to watch" -- Jennifer
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  • I’m Thirsty 9 of 20
    I'm Thirsty
    "I'm thirsty. I want water." -- Arik
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  • I’m Scared 10 of 20
    I'm Scared
    "I'm scared of my room. its broken. monsters. baby girl won't go to bed if her brother does not go at the same time since they share a room." -- Kelsey
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  • It’s Too Hot 11 of 20
    It's Too Hot
    One second my daughter will say it's too cold, then she'll complain that it is too hot." -- Amanda
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  • Play Time With Dad 12 of 20
    Play Time With Dad
    "I wanna drive trucks on Daddy's back!" -- Danielle
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  • I Need to Finish 13 of 20
    I Need to Finish
    "I just need to finish this level" on his video game "I'm thirsty, can I have a glass of water?" Or he just starts telling a story about his day - "Oh! You know what happened today at school?" -- Deborah,
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  • I Have Homework 14 of 20
    I Have Homework
    They all have to go to bed at the same time but one by one it's I want a drink of water or I'm hungry I can't sleep . My favorite is when my oldest tells me at 8pm I forgot to do my homework once in awhile thing not all the time. All in all about an hour and a half before everyone's asleep -- Amy
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  • It’s Too Cold + Everything Else in the World 15 of 20
    It's Too Cold + Everything Else in the World
    Oh let's see, I could do this for hours: I need to go pee (4 or 5 times in a row) I need a hug and a kiss I need something I need to tell you I love you I need another blanket My dollies can't see My dollies aren't covered up My dollies are too hot There aren't enough dollies in my bed There are so many dollies in my bed, I have no where to sleep I need water I don't want my water in my room These jammies are itchy There is a tag in these jammies I want a skirt It's too dark I need my fan on I need a light on I need my fan off I need another song My dollies need a song Basically she will ask for anything under the sun, and as soon as we leave the room, she will ask us to come back and opposite it." -- Brandee, Chill Mama Chill
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  • I Need Something 16 of 20
    I Need Something
    "I need something" or "I need a gum" (gummy vitamin) -- Eileen
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  • Say Goodnight 17 of 20
    Say Goodnight
    "I want to say goodnight to the dog"-- Gigi, KludgyMom
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  • I Need to Read 18 of 20
    I Need to Read
    "My eyes won't close, I tried!" "I need to read a story by myself" "I have no one to cuddle with" -- Jodi
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  • I Need to Brush 19 of 20
    I Need to Brush
    "I need to brush my teeth again." This one usually works- because I do want them to have clean teeth! Of course, it wouldn't be an issue if they didn't decide to sneak food after the first brushing... -- Shell
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  • I’m Lonley 20 of 20
    I'm Lonley
    "You forgot to put on my socks" "I can't sleep with socks on" "I'm LOOOONNNNEELY" -- Krista
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