20 Photos of Girls from Around the World

When I was a little girl, I loved to look through the pages of National Geographic. I found it fascinating to look at pictures of people who live around the world, often in circumstances that were very unfamiliar to me. There were so many obvious differences in our lives, but there were often just as many similarities.

To this day, I still love the fact that, no matter the differences in lifestyle, clothing, diet, religious beliefs, or any number of other things, when it comes to children, there is always a common denominator. Kids are kids. It doesn’t matter if they live in a mansion in Beverly Hills or a mud hut in the African desert, there is often a certain spark in their eye or mischievous tone in their smile that seems so familiar.

After being inspired by a BBC Travel Slideshow of Children Around the World, I thought it would be fun to do something similar. Keep reading to see the 20 gorgeous photos that I found of girls from around the world!

  • Bali 1 of 20
    I love the setting of this photo. And the look on the dog's face is hysterical.
    Photo Credit: William Cho via Flickr
  • Sweden 2 of 20
    A pretty photo taken at a megalithic monument on the Swedish coast. Although, she looks about as thrilled to be there as I was to visit the Donner Party Museum when I was a kid.
    Photo Credit: Mads Boedker via Flickr
  • Morocco 3 of 20
    Sisters? Friends? Doesn't matter, you can feel the love and joy either way.
    Photo Credit: flequi via Flickr
  • China 4 of 20
    These young girls at a rural school seem to be very interested in whatever is happening off camera.
    Photo Credit: Kiwi Mikex via Flickr
  • Guatemala 5 of 20
    The smiles from these little girls won me over immediately.
    Photo Credit: Roots & Wings International via Flickr
  • Romania 6 of 20
    From the photograph's description: "This little girl lived with her mother, father and three siblings in a tiny one bedroom cottage with no electricity. There was a mud floor in the cottage which was shared with livestock." Such a different life than we're used to, but her precocious smile is still so familiar.
    Photo Credit: Emma T Photography via Flickr
  • Thailand 7 of 20
    A beautiful young girl who is part of they Kayan, or Karen, people of Burma and Thailand. Young girls around the globe are taught, from an early age, what their culture considers beautiful.
    Photo Credit: Mark Lehmkuhler via Flickr
  • Egypt 8 of 20
    It looks as if these girls, who live in Cairo, were caught playing some sort of game on the sidewalk. The little one doesn't look too happy to have had the fun interrupted.
    Photo Credit: LancerenoK via Flickr
  • Russia 9 of 20
    It doesn't matter where you live, as a kid you're going to lose your front teeth eventually! Also, can you spot the 4th person in this photo?
    Photo Credit: Adam Jones, PhD via Flickr
  • Italy 10 of 20
    Such a fashionista! She's like a mini Anna Wintour.
    Photo Credit: Tazrian Kahn via Flickr
  • Kenya 11 of 20
    This photo stopped me in my tracks. Her smile is so lovely.
    Photo Credit: p r o m i s e via Flickr
  • Argentina 12 of 20
    A sweet, candid photo of friends. They look like they are enjoying themselves immensely, don't they?
    Photo Credit: CDI Europe via Flickr
  • South Africa 13 of 20
    South Africa
    I get the feeling that the little girl in the pink doesn't take any crap from anybody. I adore the look on her face.
    Photo Credit: Randy OHC via Flickr
  • Iceland 14 of 20
    In "The Land of the Midnight Sun," these sisters are taking advantage of the daylight and are staying up late to enjoy...the midnight sun!
    Photo Credit: Gúnna via Flickr
  • Portugal 15 of 20
    When looking at this photo, I can't help but wonder what lies beyond the curve ahead. She looks as if she's eager to explore it as well.
    Photo Credit: Cisla via Flickr
  • Turkey 16 of 20
    Selling greens at a local market. She looks as if she'd rather be anywhere else.
    Photo Credit: e-basak via Flickr
  • Iran 17 of 20
    I love the difference in their expressions. I have to wonder how much of it is personality and how much of it is simply due to the timing of the photograph.
    Photo Credit: Unicef Iran via Flickr
  • India 18 of 20
    According to the photographer, this young girl convinced him to purchase one of her lanterns as payment for taking her photo. So young, but already a shrewd businesswoman.
    Photo Credit: Lyle Vincent via Flickr
  • Vietnam 19 of 20
    What an amazing backdrop for a photo. She seems to fit in with the setting just perfectly.
    Photo Credit: jonwick04 via Flickr
  • Dominican Republic 20 of 20
    Dominican Republic
    A lovely photo of two sisters. Even if you didn't know this was from the Caribbean, the color of the building in the background would be a good indication!
    Photo Credit: nyello8 via Flickr

And stay tuned, the boys are up next!

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