20 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Falling in Love

Falling in love is as exciting as it is terrifying. Never is one less in control of their heart and rational mind than once they’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Love causes unfamiliar and addictive emotions to surface, calling us to act in ways we never thought we would and feel things best expressed by poets.

As parents we work tirelessly to prepare our children for successful living but all too often we forget that love is part of life’s equation. So in addition to teaching our kids how to drive and balance a checkbook, we owe it to our kids to at least try to impart realistic lessons of love.

  • So Many Lessons! 1 of 21

    Take a look at 20 lessons I'd like my tenderhearted kids to know about falling in love.

  • Your first kiss will suck…perhaps even literally 2 of 21

    First kisses rarely go as planned. They're scary, awkward, and often pretty gross. Don't freak out if your first kiss goes awry - it's kind of supposed to. Don't believe me? Check out these outrageous first kiss stories.

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  • Only you 3 of 21

    The first time you fall in love - like really fall, you'll think your love is like no other. No one in the world has ever felt the depths of love and passion the way you do, for there has never been a love as strong, as sacred, or as real as yours. Fortunately for our collective hearts, that's simply not the case. Your love is indeed special because it belongs to you, but hearts the world over have experienced the beautiful stuff poetry and love songs are made of.

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  • Love isn’t all you need 4 of 21

    Yeah, yeah, love makes the world go round and all that good stuff, but love is most certainly not all you need. You need to do well in school, get a decent job, and eventually move out of my house. Romantic love is only part of your life's beautiful equation.

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  • Don’t kiss and tell 5 of 21

    You'll think you're the coolest cat ever for rounding third base, but before you go bragging about your conquests, just remember: what you do in private should remain that way out of respect for your partner and yourself.

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  • You’ll mess it up 6 of 21

    Love is complicated. Even the most experienced in matters of the heart royally mess up from time to time. If When you mess up, suck it up, say you're sorry, and do better next time.

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  • Get a room 7 of 21

    PDA is pretty gross. I know you're so in love that it's hard to take your tongue out of your partner's mouth long enough to even utter the words, but please. Have enough common decency to keep it classy out in public and get a room if you need to (just not in my house).

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  • Love isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be hard 8 of 21

    Relationships take work. There will be times you disagree, be forced to compromise when you don't want to, and even wonder if your relationship is worth it. But just as there are love highs, there will be love lows. Be honest with yourself and your relationship when there's more bad than good. No one said love was easy, but it sure as hell isn't supposed to be miserable.

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  • Lust is not love 9 of 21

    It's pretty easy to confuse lust with love, especially in the start of a new relationship. Unsure about how to tell the difference? This definitive list of love vs. lust is worth a read.

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  • Look in front of you 10 of 21

    Sometimes that perfect someone is the person right in front of your face. The one you grew up with, the one who's been your friend for ages, the one who understands you better than anyone else ever could. Before you go fishing for love in the ocean of the great unknown, look around you.

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  • Love grows deeper 11 of 21

    You'll swear when you first fall in love that you couldn't possibly love the other person more. I'm happy to report that you'd be wrong. True love grows ever-deeper with each passing year.

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  • Love hurts 12 of 21

    Love will hurt you, but it won't kill you. Honest. Sure, getting dumped hurts like a mother. You'll probably even swear off love forever a few times, but you'll come back better, stronger, and wiser in matters of the heart than ever before.

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  • Go ahead, say it first 13 of 21

    Saying "I love you" is hard to do, especially when you're unsure about how it will be received. If your heart is brave enough to feel love, be brave enough to say it! Too much time is wasted denying our true feelings.

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  • Go for the nice girl 14 of 21

    This bit of parental wisdom is sure to be ignored but I'd be remiss if I didn't say it: go for the nice girl! The nice girl will treat you well, respect your values, become part of your family, and be well-liked by your friends. 

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  • Her friends are off-limits 15 of 21

    You broke up with your girlfriend and now you think her bestie is kinda hot. DON'T DO IT! Unless you're ready for high drama, stay out of her circle of friends.

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  • Breaking up is hard to do 16 of 21

    Being the dumpee is undoubtedly hard, but did you know being the dumper can be just as hard? While there's no easy way to gracefully exit a relationship, you owe it to be careful with the heart you are breaking away from out of the respect for the love you once shared.

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  • Nice guys don’t finish last 17 of 21

    Nice guys always come out winners in the end. The best of love is reserved for the best people.

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  • Remember the little people 18 of 21

    Once you've been sucked into the vortex of love, it's pretty easy to forget there's a whole world of folks out there missing you!

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  • Romance matters 19 of 21

    Romance doesn't have to cost a bundle or send you into panic mode. Simply remain thoughtful, listen to your partner, and take the time to show how much you care.

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  • Hate the game 20 of 21

    You probably heard that you shouldn't hate the player, just the game. Do yourself a favor and hate both. Real love doesn't involve games.

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  • It’s OK to be single 21 of 21

    Seemingly everyone is hooking up except for you. Listen up, buddy, it's OK to be single. It really is. You'll know it when you find that special someone, so until then, just have fun!

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