20 Things My Kids Can’t Live Without

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A friend of mine once told me about game her family played when she was young. It was called, “Pioneer.” Her parents told the kids that they each got a bucket or box and they had to go around the house and find the 10 things they couldn’t live without. The rest of their stuff was being boxed up. That’s a way to keep the house clean, isn’t it? Tempting! So, the kids gathered what they deemed essential and the rest was taken away. I’m not sure how the rest of the game went, that’s the part that stuck with me. Now, I’m too tired and weak to box up our stuff and store it for the sake of cleanliness, but I was curious to know what my kids would take if we played, “Pioneer.”

So, this morning I asked them to tell me the 10 things they would want to keep if I were to get rid of everything else in the house. After they freaked and asked me why I would ever do something like that, they spouted off their list of must-haves. I tried my best to hold back my laughter and shock while I watched them deep in thought. I love the minds of these little people!

I learned a lot from their answers. I also realized that we have a lot of unnecessary crap lying around. A little friendly “Pioneer” game wouldn’t hurt! I think it would be a good idea to do this for real some time, except maybe expand the number of items just a bit so socks and underwear could have room on the list. What kid is going to say socks and underwear? They didn’t make our list.

Here are their ten items, starting with my son…

  • Legos 1 of 20
    It's tough to separate a boy from his Legos. Good thing he would grab those too, because those are not cheap!
  • Batman Cave 2 of 20
    Batman Cave
    This also doesn't get very far from him. It's been a must-have toy. Girls get to have doll houses, and boys get Batman caves!
  • Blankets 3 of 20
    What can I say, we're a blanket family. We have pet blankets, each with names. I'm sure his wife will love snuggling with these too because they're not ever leaving his side!
  • Toilet 4 of 20
    I had to hold back my laughter on this one. He's a smart kid though, definitely covering the basics!
  • Paper 5 of 20
    Paper is a valuable commodity at our house. He would be lost without paper to create things with.
  • Markers 6 of 20
    Our house is always very colorful thanks the hundreds of markers lying around. I'm glad he would keep these because the world is a better place when it's full of color!
  • Scissors 7 of 20
    Why would he take paper and not scissors? He was very contemplative with his projects and making sure he had everything he needed.
  • Bad Guys 8 of 20
    Bad Guys
    That's what all these little guys are called. They're constantly at battle, hanging from string somewhere and hiding in the corners of our house. Life would be boring if they didn't make the list.
  • Shoes 9 of 20
    He realized he wouldn't get very far if he didn't include shoes.
  • Family 10 of 20
    Of course this was my favorite thing on his list. I'm happy he would keep us.
  • Daughter Chose Pillow Pet 11 of 20
    Daughter Chose Pillow Pet
    This fuzzy unicorn is precious and another one of those must-have's at our house.
  • Blanket 12 of 20
    Another blanket made the list. They really do make the best pets!
  • Blocks 13 of 20
    These are by far the best purchase I've ever made. They provide hours of entertainment. I'm happy she would want to keep them around.
  • Favorite T-Shirt 14 of 20
    Favorite T-Shirt
    At least my daughter will have some clothing to her name. I'm relieved by this choice. But, she is a girl and clothes are pretty important to her, so I'm not surprised.
  • Twinkle Toes Shoes 15 of 20
    Twinkle Toes Shoes
    There is no denying that my daughter likes to sparkle and these are about as sparkly as you can get.
  • Magnet Earings 16 of 20
    Magnet Earings
    Earings are hip in the Second Grade, she loves these little jewels. Again, she is all girl.
  • Sparkle Jeans 17 of 20
    Sparkle Jeans
    I'm glad she'll have some pants to go with the shirt. So far, she's almost fully clothed! Smart thinking girl!
  • Barbie House 18 of 20
    Barbie House
    It will be tough to fit this in a box or bucket, but somehow it needs to find a way. It's priceless here.
  • Barbie Computer 19 of 20
    Barbie Computer
    This was a shocker. It doesn't have batteries and it sits in the corner of the basement. She wanted to take it anyway, no batteries and all.
  • Fake Phone 20 of 20
    Fake Phone
    I love to eavesdrop on her fake conversations. She sounds just like me on the phone. My kids love our old phones and need them wherever they go. The things they learn from us!

I would have a tough time coming up with only ten things to grab. It would be interesting to make that list for myself. Have you ever thought about what you would grab if you could only have 10 items? What would they be?

Have you ever asked your kids what their favorite toys are or what is most valuable to them? Try it, it’s a fun time!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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