20 Things Only Moms Can Understand

Motherhood is nothing less than a sorority. We’ve each soldiered through the hazing ritual of midnight feedings, vomit catching and hazardous waste disposal. Through it all we’ve earned our stripes and come out badder, stronger, and more clever than ever before.

But all that badassery hasn’t come without a price; oh no.

The day we first held our tiny baby was the day that everything changed and no one knows this better than your fellow mom.

Let’s check out 20 things only your fellow mother can understand.

  • We’re hypomomdriacs 1 of 20
    We're hypomomdriacs
    We worry, often about things that may or may not happen 10 years from now with our kids. For a detailed analysis of this phenomenon, check out Hypo-mom-dria: The Hypochondria of Mothers

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  • We like elastic. A lot. 2 of 20
    We like elastic. A lot.
    We once opted for style over comfort but that has fallen by the wayside along with our waistlines. Today it's all about stylish comfort. Case in point: Jeggings.

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  • We have a muffin top 3 of 20
    We have a muffin top
    I'm gonna say it: Muffin top is seksi! We earned these bodacious bellies! Check out What Our Post-baby Bellies Really Look Like

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  • Sleep is sexier than sex 4 of 20
    Sleep is sexier than sex
    Really, it just is. Read about my hot and steamy night without kids.

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  • We suffer from mom brain 5 of 20
    We suffer from mom brain
    What did I come in this room for? What was I saying? What's my phone number again? I hate to be the one to break it to you, but mom brain is one of the 10 Signs You're Probably a Mombie

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  • We love grocery shopping 6 of 20
    We love grocery shopping
    Allow me to rephrase, we love grocery shopping ALONE! Celebrate the fact with this e-card!

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  • Elementary school homework is hard! 7 of 20
    Elementary school homework is hard!
    I can't tell you just how many times I've had to rely on Google for help with prepositional phrases and mathematical arrays.

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  • We have a drawer of makeup we never use 8 of 20
    We have a drawer of makeup we never use
    Once upon a time we wore makeup just to visit the ATM. Today, makeup sits in a drawer just begging for a date night.

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  • We speak loudly and carry a big bag 9 of 20
    We speak loudly and carry a big bag
    The day we part with the diaper bag is the day we transition to a handbag large enough to house a small toddler. There's no telling what you might find in there! Take a sneak peak at Random Things Found in My Purse (and Yours)

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  • We wonder about Max & Ruby’s parents 10 of 20
    We wonder about Max & Ruby's parents
    Among other what's up with iCarly's parents and how that Wonder Pet really needs speech therapy.

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  • We’re always late 11 of 20
    We're always late
    Even those of us who were once early birds have had to surrender to the gods of lateness since becoming a parent. Do you agree with the The Top 7 Reasons Parents Are Always Late?

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  • We sleep standing 12 of 20
    We sleep standing
    And lots of other weird places. Be sure to check out Sleep on a Toilet? 20 Crazy Places Moms Nap

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  • We have the head crinkle 13 of 20
    We have the head crinkle
    I have to believe it comes from motherhood. I just have to.

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  • No bikinis 14 of 20
    No bikinis
    I know, I know, some of you are all sporty spice and looked bangin' in your bikinis 3.2 seconds after giving birth. I think I speak on behalf of the mom masses when I say we're a lil bit mad at you for it.

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  • Every wish we make is for our kids 15 of 20
    Every wish we make is for our kids
    Every birthday candle, falling star, found eyelash and dandelion wish is one for our children's health and happiness.

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  • Concealer matters 16 of 20
    Concealer matters
    Babies ought to come with an instruction manual and a big ass tube of concealer. For tips on how to bring the sparkle back from Noel Nichols, celebrity makeup artist, click here!

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  • We are the world’s mothers 17 of 20
    We are the world's mothers
    As mothers, we collectively worry about the children of the world. For ways to make a difference, be sure to check out Babble's Top 25 Organizations and Charities for Kids

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  • We became our mothers 18 of 20
    We became our mothers
    For a hot second we tried not to become our moms but then we just gave up. Don't believe me? Be sure to read Reader's Admit: I Knew I Became My Mother When...

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  • We worry we’ll ruin our children 19 of 20
    We worry we'll ruin our children
    We do. Like pretty much all the time.

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  • Our closets have two sections: 20 of 20
    Our closets have two sections:
    Regular clothers and fat clothes. Guess which section I'm wearing...

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Can you think of any other things that only moms can understand?

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